Artexpo Success Story: Mehron Zadeh

Mehron Zadeh is the General Manager of Deljou Art Group, the world’s leading publisher of fine art, renowned throughout the industry and internationally. Deljou has been exhibiting with Artexpo for 25 years. Below, Mehron shares his thoughts on exhibiting with Artexpo over the years.

Mehron Zadeh, General Manager, Deljou Art Group

Mehron Zadeh, General Manager, Deljou Art Group

“The positive effect Artexpo has produced in both sales and exposure for our business has been undeniable, a success for certain.

“We first heard about Artexpo in the early ’80s through other exhibitors, I would say about 1983. At that time, there were only a few trade shows which catered to our industry. Artexpo was certainly the one that stood out as a great marketing vehicle for our art business. We began exhibiting that year.

“Through Artexpo, we were really effective in getting our name recognized and having our original artwork seen by many professionals in the industry. Networking was very important to us then, and the show was a good vehicle for this goal. As far as selling artwork, it took a few shows to see substantial results–but we knew from the first show that Artexpo would be the right fit for us.

“For an industry without an association of its own, Artexpo has been able to play a major role of bringing the industry together. Artexpo has created an environment where, as an exhibitor, we can reaffirm our existing business relationships, identify new customers and potential partners, and scope out the competition.

“Artexpo has also become an additional platform for our clients and potential clients to see original artwork in person, beyond coming to our gallery. It is very important to see the quality of artwork up close, as this builds our clients’ trust in our work and creates an enthusiasm and appreciation for the artwork unmatched by internet marketing.

“In comparison to the other industry trade shows we have been exhibiting at, Artexpo has been the only one in the U.S. to attract International clients. This of great importance to our business. Artexpo’s recently increased emphasis on education seminars and open-table discussions is another positive development, from which both attendees and exhibitors benefit greatly.

“While we are all faced with decreased consumer spending, it is now prudent to spend more on marketing. In a slower economy, with fewer consumers in the marketplace, it is essential to take advantage of any opportunity that provides such great exposure.”

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