Artexpo Success Story: Nan Miller

Nan Miller, Owner, Nan Miller Gallery

Nan Miller, Owner, Nan Miller Gallery

Nan Miller is one of Artexpo’s longest-running exhibitors–and one of its biggest fans.

“I’ve met many sources, many other galleries that we distribute now through Artexpo,” says Miller, who owns the prestigious Nan Miller Gallery in Rochester, New York. “There’s no question that it has helped our business grow the way that it has.”

Over the years, the Nan Miller Gallery has earned a reputation for offering high-quality artwork by international, national and emerging artists for homes and businesses. The gallery’s extensive inventory represents a wide variety of artists, creating works in styles ranging from Abstract to Impressionism and Pop to Realism. Many of these artists, says Miller, have come to the gallery through Artexpo.

“We find a large portion of our new artists at Artexpo each year,” says Miller. “I’d say about 80% of the artists we represent are artists who are published from other dealers or whom we have discovered at Artexpo.”

Each year, Miller says, she looks forward to browsing Artexpo’s SOLO section for upcoming new talent.

“I think the SOLO section is a great opportunity for young artists to expose their work to major dealers like myself, or galleries that just happen to be coming through. SOLO offers an excellent opportunity for galleries to find new artists to take under our wings and cultivate, promote and distribute. It’s a very positive new development at Artexpo.”

Miller can name countless artists who’ve found their footing at SOLO and Artexpo: for instance, Hamilton Aguiar.

"Tres" (Black) (7395) by Hamilton Aguiar

"Tres" (Black) (7395) by Hamilton Aguiar

“Hamilton’s first exposure really was at the SOLO section of Artexpo New York, probably around six years ago,” says Miller. “He is now one of our bestselling artists and we distribute his work all over the world. That’s the value of exhibiting at SOLO and Artexpo. As an artist, you really do meet galleries from all over the world.”

According to Miller, Artexpo is one of the best ways for artists to gain exposure: “It’s unbelievable networking exposure,” she says. “Artists have a tremendous opportunity in Artexpo. You can see what’s going on in the art world, where the pricing is, who the biggest distributors are. You get exposed to galleries from London, Germany, Asia—dealers come in looking for new, fresh artwork.”

For those artists who feel they aren’t quite ready to exhibit at Artexpo and SOLO, Miller strongly recommends they simply attend the show to get a sense for the marketplace.
“Sometimes I tell artists to go and attend Artexpo as a guest,” says Miller, “to see the pricing, see what’s out there. I use it as a reference for other artists who want to see what’s going on before they start to market themselves or advance their careers. It is truly a wonderful learning tool.”

In the end, says Miller, being successful as an artist is all about self-marketing.

“If you’re not out there promoting yourself, people are not going to know about you. It’s a tough market—lots of galleries are looking for something new and different. If you’re not out there, you’re forgotten.”

See Nan Miller’s gallery online at:

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