Artist Victoria Yin, Child Prodigy

Victoria Yin

[SOLO] Success Story Victoria Yin

Over the past year, artist Victoria Yin has skyrocketed to fame and become one of the most talked about new artists in the country. Not bad for an 11-year-old.

Victoria burst onto the international art scene last year at the age of 10, when she first exhibited her work at Artexpo 2008 in Las Vegas. Prior to the show, Victoria’s mother, Eva Xu, placed a full-page ad in Art Business News.

“Before the show, we received three phone calls from publishers who were interested in representing Victoria,” says Eva. At the show itself, Victoria’s work was even more well-received.

“The interest in her work from both galleries and publishers was overwhelming,” says Eva, “especially when Victoria was approached and ultimately signed to an exclusive contract by Imaginart.” Imaginart is the fine art publisher responsible for the discovery and subsequent career growth of art prodigies like Alexandra Nechita.

Victoria’s artwork is highly surreal and imaginative, and exudes a sophistication that certainly belies her age. Surrealist master Salvador Dali is a major influence.

Victoria Yin2

Shortly after her first birthday, Victoria began crawling across the floor to pick up pens and crayons to draw. By the time she turned two, her geometric drawings astonished her pre-school teachers. Today, her works are sold across the country, with price tags ranging from $16,000 to $28,000.

Eva says her daughter’s success was in large part spurred by Artexpo’s SOLO show for emerging artists. “Our experience with Artexpo was extremely satisfactory,” she says.

To see more of Victoria Yin’s art, visit her online gallery at Imaginart.

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