Artexpo Education Sneak Preview + "History of Mouldings" Video

It’s official! Michael Pacitti of Fotiou Frames will be offering three seminars on design and color as part of Artexpo New York 2010’s upcoming Educational Series.

Michael’s seminars and workshops are extremely popular worldwide, and with good reason: he has more than 25 years of experience as a consultant and lecturer in the fields of framing, art materials, interior design and photography. He has contributed and written numerous articles on color and design, and his research interests include the relationship and application of custom framing to elements of both design and color.

Here’s a sneak-preview of some of the courses Michael will be teaching at Artexpo New York 2010, from March 25-28 at Pier 94 in New York City:

  • The Language of Color

    This seminar will enhance any framer’s ability to create and/or build specific designs, finishes or colors of select mouldings and/or matting to improve the saleability, function or quality of his or her products through aesthetic value or decorative composition.

  • The Elements of Design

    This seminar looks at the design elements and aspects of custom framing in reference to picture frame mouldings, including the history of the picture frame.

  • In Living Color

    This seminar looks at the influence of color on the consumer, with awareness to color marketing and various color associations. It also includes a basic “Test Your Knowledge” quiz on color and how color affects our daily lives.

And here’s a video by Michael — “A History of the Picture Frame:”

There are some truly beautiful pieces in this informative video — from the Medieval Integral Frames of the early 1300s through Renaissance pieces, Rococo, Baroque, Kent, Sanford White, Chippendale, Spanish, Italian Sansovino and the Louis era. If you have a few minutes, enjoy!

Stay tuned for more info on both Michael Pacitti’s upcoming seminars and the Artexpo Educational Series…

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