Artwork of the Day: "Portrait" by Gerel D.


"Hunter" by Gerel Dzjind, Valiant Art Gallery, Booth 650

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Hunter” by Gerel D. of Valiant Art Gallery. Gerel and Valiant Art hail from Mongolia, and will be traveling a long way to exhibit at Artexpo New York 2010!

A country of mystery and legends, the cold and remote wilderness of Mongolia in Central Asia has recently been bringing new life to the international art scene. Largely nomadic people, Mongolia’s artists add a new dimension to Asian art and offer truly unique offerings for collectors and investors.

Perhaps most famous as home to Genghis (Chinggis) Khaan, Mongolia’s long, rich history and strong people have made this fascinating country a painter’s real-life palette. The use of primary colors and new blends are a testament to a burgeoning sense of freedom emerging from the nation’s former socialist tradition. The freshness, occasional naivety and stunning array of colors mutate from countryside to canvas.

Mongolia is a country of just under three million people and three million horses, where infants from two years ride as well as adults. Horses represent a permanent and recurring theme in Mongolian art and feature widely in the collection—as you can see in the image by Gerel Dzjind, above.

An unlikely custodian of this exciting portfolio, Valiant Art Gallery owner Elisabeth Koppa has engaged with local artists for over five years, encouraging them to show their talents to the world. Polish by birth, an international traveler and Ulaanbaatar resident, Mrs Koppa has built the Gallery by recognizing the unusual style and extensive scope of Mongolia’s leading artists. Elisabeth’s collection includes traditional paintings, figurative pieces, contemporary style and sculptures.

See new works by Gerel D. and other Mongolian artists from Valiant Art Gallery at booth #650 at Artexpo New York 2010!

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