"Avenue 1400 at Artexpo New York 2010" – Guest Blog!

“Avenue 1400 at Artexpo New York 2010”
—A Guest Blog Post by Author Roswitha McIntosh

Avenue 1400 artists Ginger Fox, Mimi Stuart and Teri Rizzutti with roses compliments of sculptor/painter Bill Mack.

Color and life… line and sculpture! Artexpo New York 2010 had it all, at its debut on Manhattan’s “Art Pier” on the Hudson.

Art Expo 2010 came with an unexpected gift – the international camaraderie of artists exhibiting at a row of booths affectionately known as “Avenue 1400.” Talents from Brazil, England and Belarus mingled with those from domestic coasts, both east and west.

Renowned Belarusan painter/sculptor Ales Shaternik and contemporary painter Julia Shaternik (www.shaternikart.org).

Renowned Eastern European painter/sculptor Ales Shaternik, the co-creator of the Belarusan Freedom Bell, flew in from Belarus with his Neo-Impressionist oil landscapes. Translating for him was neighboring booth exhibitor and daughter Julia Shaternik, an accomplished contemporary artist with her own exhibit at the Museum of Russian Contemporary Art.

“Bom Dia!” Portuguese was spoken on the corner where Brazilian contemporary artist Daniel Tavares had arrived from Belo Horizonte to display his “pintura mineirae universal.” Art consultant Ricardo Dos Santos translated and described the message behind the edgy urban portraits of Basquiat, Samurai warriors and other heroes.

Brazilian urban paintings by Daniel Tavares (right) with art consultant Ricardo Dos Santos.

“This has been a cheerful, companiable show,” says Ken Orton, who hails from Birmingham, England. Mr. Orton is recognized as the master of the Ball Jar, capturing the warmth of light filtering through cold glass. “I do most of my shows in Florida, where they might as well be at a Walmart in Cincinnati, older people and massive crowds. Three percent ever consider buying a painting. Eighty percent of the people here consider buying a painting. This is the pointed end of the stick. This is the Marine Combat course in art sales. This is the real deal.”

“Your colors just slapped me in the face!” exclaimed a woman named Sophia as she pointed excitedly at the abstract Musical Gems series created by Artist of Energy, Mimi Stuart. “That’s a good thing!” she laughed.

Mimi Stuart is known for her breakthrough style identified as “EOS,” or Energy of Subject. Powerful portraits from recent shows with the Blue Angels, Apollo 11 Anniversary and Living Legends Awards were personally autographed by Tom Cruise, Buzz Aldrin and the Grammy-award winning band Train. 24k gold, copper and silver leaf radiate a lustrous quality.

Artist of Energy Mimi Stuart with her signature style EOS – Energy of Subject- kinetic expressionist paintings with 24k gold & silver leaf (www.mimiart.com).

A similar EOS portrait of astronaut Gene Cernan belongs to the permanent collection of the Smithsonian. Ms. Stuart’s next show is at Arizona’s Pima Air & Space Museum.

SOLO Art Exhibit Award Winner Ginger Fox with Art Director Lara Humphrey (left) and Art Expo’s Debbie Kuhn (center) (www.GingerFox.com).

“We are on cloud nine!” Surrealist Ginger Fox was presented with the coveted SOLO Award Winner plaque. Her sumptuous yet gravity-defying fruit hovers above the bowls while delicate birds appear to sing on ropes and flutes suspended above the clouds.

“We are having so much fun at Art Expo,” exclaimed Art Director Lara Humphrey. Art sales were brisk on Avenue 1400 as white patches appeared where paintings had hung. Luckily, some of the out of town artists—such as Ginger Fox from Texas—were able to replace the empty spaces with giclées printed on site by printers exhibiting in a booth nearby. [Editor’s note: the “booth nearby” was Art Market Tools (AMT), specializing in Master-Quality fine art reproductions and artist-centric tools to power the art market. Learn more at ArtMarketTools.com.]

Across from Ms. Fox, the walls pulsed with color from the hand-mixed pigments of Teri Rizzutti from Maryland. Ultra-deep canvases of abstract joy attracted attention, interspersed between the calm female figures. The artist had considered whether to limit her focus on one style or the other, but the art collectors who purchased some of each may have convinced her to continue pursuing both styles.

Colorful abstracts and figure studies by Teri Rizzutti (www.RizzuttiFineArt.com).

Looking westward on Avenue 1400 with mood-inspiring waterscapes by Josef Kote (www.josefkote.com), pictured here with wife Sandra Kote and Mimi Stuart.

With his ambient waterscapes, painter Josef Kote brought balance and serenity to the Avenue. His boats gently rocked on calm waters, inviting viewers to slow down and enjoy the scenery.

Show-stopping Dean Louck’s custom painted piano (www.deanloucksart,com) Newfound friends manned one another’s booths on Avenue 1400, allowing each other to stroll through the Expo aisles to marvel at the fiery painted piano of Dean Loucks, the rich palette work on the roosters of Thomas Easley, the generous gold-leafing of Kami Kuhlman and the artistic talents of rows and rows of fine art and artists at the NY Art Expo.

More Photos:

Thomas Easley’s thick palette-knife work on roosters and old-world mastery of oenophile still-life and worldwide landscapes (www.thomaseasley.com).

Kami Kuhlman’s booth aglow with her gold leaf creations (www.kamikuhlman.com).

Visitors enjoyed strolling down Avenue 1400. “I love all the beautiful work,” said Eric Gottshall, a second semester Fine Arts major at FIT. “I’m chasing the lifestyle, not the money.”

“Definitely worth it!” stated attendees Hema and Ram Venkata. The entire Venkata family agreed.

Artists and visitors alike look forward to meeting again at the next Art Expo and soaking up more of its creative energy.

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