Ben Angotti: Winner of Art Battles at Artexpo New York 2010

Ben Angotti - Winner of the Art Battles "Guernica Challenge" at Artexpo New York 2010

Ben Angotti stands beside his award-winning painting at Artexpo New York 2010.

Big congrats to Brooklyn resident Ben Angotti, who won the Art Battles painting challenge this past month at Artexpo New York 2010! On Saturday, March 27th, Ben painted alongside three other talented artists—Marthalicia Matarrita, Andre Trenier and Julie Freil—all of whom were charged to paint a mural inspired by Picasso’s famed painting, Guernica.

Paying tribute to those who suffered during the tragic bombing of Guernica in 1937, these innovative artists offered both reinvention and respect to Picasso’s monumental work. Guernica is known worldwide as a powerful anti-war symbol, and by choosing the painting as a theme, the Art Battles team strove to remind audience members of the horrors of war and, on the flip side, the beauty of peace.

“In using Picasso’s Guernica, I felt the painting I was to produce needed to stem from a personal tragedy or strife in my life, while still maintaining the war torn ambience so prevalent in his painting. Since I had not experienced a war first-hand, it was a tough conundrum.”

All four paintings were impressive, and in the end, Ben’s was deemed the best. Along with the win, Ben has been given a free [SOLO] booth at the next Artexpo (Note: [SOLO] is Artexpo’s pavilion for emerging, independent artists).

“Winning a booth at ArtExpo is an amazing opportunity to exhibit among a huge wealth of talented and inspiring artists. I will be choosing to exhibit in New York, as it is both my birthplace and where I currently reside.”

Outside the Art Battles ring, Ben works in many different mediums to display images of violence and beauty. He is highly influenced by many different at forms, from classical Renaissance art to Asian art, Symbolism, modern graffiti art and erotica. Often, he weaves these themes together to create pulpy images in which the meaning lies somewhere between allegory and the unknown. Ben takes command with any material that’s thrown at him, from spray-paint to Photoshop. On a daily basis, he works as a freelancer in one or more of the following three disciplines: painting, sculpture and illustration.

“An artists role in society is to convey an idea or question, and evoke a response from the viewer. It is said that if a viewer does not give your work at least 45 seconds of consideration, you’re not doing it right.”

I know I speak for the entire Artexpo team when I say I’m looking forward to seeing Ben’s exhibit!

Find about more about Ben Angotti’s artwork at and learn more about Art Battles at

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