SOLO Success Story: Jeffrey Bisaillon

Artist Jeffrey Bisaillon

Abstract artist Jeffrey Bisaillon says his experience exhibiting in Artexpo New York 2010’s [SOLO] pavilion was unforgettable. He didn’t sell many paintings—but then again, selling wasn’t his main motivation for exhibiting.

“I decided to exhibit because I really wanted to get my name out there and talk to galleries, publishers and consumers and get some feedback. Doing Art Expo is like reading 5 years of Art Business News, but taking it all in in four days.

Not only was this my first time exhibiting at Art Expo, but this was my first time exhibiting at an art show of this magnitude. I learned so much about the business of art, the current trends in art, and I literally got to walk around each morning and see exactly what was selling.”

The Upstate New York-based artist says he forged many new and valuable connections that are continuing to help him grow his business.

“I talked to many trades people and consumers and got tremendous amounts of feedback. I do not think there could be any better show where you get to spend four days with that many artists and trade people who share the same passions that you do.

“My hope was to get my art out there in galleries and through publishers, and in the end I managed to have one New York City Gallery take six of my paintings, and I am working with another Gallery between New York and the Hamptons. I am also in current talks with a publisher.”


"Deep Contemplations in Surrealism" by Jeffrey Bisaillon

A self-taught artist, Jeffrey has been painting for 13 years. Over the past two years, he realized that he wanted art to be his full-time career. He and his wife visited Artexpo in 2009 to get the feel for the show; based on the experience, Jeffrey made up his mind to exhibit.

“I do not think that you can put a price on living your dream, so the entrance fee for the show really was not an issue for me. If other artists are thinking about doing the show, then all I can say is that you have got to jump in eventually. Waiting to live the life that you want to live is just simply a bummer!”

To first-time Artexpo exhibitors, Jeffrey advises forethought and solid preparation:

“Stick to your budget for doing the show, and plan your show way in advance. Let as many people as you can know that you are going to be there. Do your homework and try to get a beat on current trends and what is selling. Basically, make your efforts go a long way!”

As with many artists who exhibited at Artexpo for the first time this year, Jeffrey hopes to head back for the next show.

“Doing the show influenced my career greatly—the exposure alone was worth it. The feedback, combined with the camaraderie I shared with other artists and the knowledge I obtained, has greatly heightened my passion for art and the business of art. Taking everything into account, I consider my show an absolute success. I thank everyone involved in the show, and as long as it is within my means I will be a continued Exhibitor at Artexpo.”

To see more of Jeffrey Bisaillon’s work, visit his website at To learn more about exhibiting in Artexpo’s [SOLO] pavilion, email Debbie Kuhn at

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