SOLO Success Story: Richard Riverin

SOLO exhibitor Richard Riverin

In terms of paintings sold, Richard Riverin definitely ranks among the bestselling artists in the history of Artexpo’s [SOLO] pavilion. A six-time Artexpo exhibitor, Richard did brisk business at Artexpo New York 2010, selling eight paintings on the spot—four to visitors and four to art galleries whose owners he had never met before. At the time of this interview, Richard was still shipping paintings to clients he met at the show.

“Many trade people came over, and I had excellent contacts with six of them. I’ve already shipped seventeen paintings to two of those contacts, I will ship sixteen more to another next week, and I sold two paintings to two different art galleries that will buy many more in the coming weeks.”

From a networking perspective, Richard says Artexpo New York 2010 was incredibly helpful for his business.

“I was already doing business with six art galleries [before the show]. I got four more at the show, perhaps six, since I had excellent contacts with two that might well develop into long-term clients.”

In addition to marketing his own work, Richard feels Artexpo has helped him to keep his finger on the pulse of the art market, year after year.

“It helps me to see what the other artists are doing and what is being sold.”

"Riverin: Modern Impressions" by Richard Riverin

"Riverin: Modern Impressions" by Richard Riverin

With the exception of 2009—when, let’s face it, just about every industry saw a dip in sales—Richard has seen an increase in sales with each consecutive year that he exhibits at Artexpo.

“The first time I covered my expenses; the second time I recruited one art gallery, selling five super-large sizes and some smaller ones to visitors; the third time I did just as well, recruiting two more art galleries. I made a profit each time I participated.”

For more information about Richard Riverin and his work, visit his website at

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