SOLO Success Story: Sculptor Daryl Colburn

Nationally acclaimed metal sculptor Daryl Colburn had heard about Artexpo for years, but this year he decided to take a shot and exhibit in the [SOLO] pavilion.

“It was a great decision! The influence of the expo opened new perspectives as well as avenues of marketing and sales. Being in beautiful New York City for the first time and being able to add to
our collectors and galleries was definitely an added benefit. We plan on building from there and coming back next year!”

Based in Austin, Texas, Daryl is a pioneer in the art of metal sculpture, mastering techniques such as fusion, patinas, overlays, brazing, reticulation and soldering. Entirely self-taught, the artist is somewhat of an alchemist, fusing different metals into intricate shapes and figures, and discovering new patinas.


Daryl’s award-winning works are in collections worldwide and have been featured in magazines, books, films and more. Little surprise then, that he sold so well at Artexpo New York 2010.

“Our experience at Artexpo was excellent. As first-timers, we didn’t know what to expect and were very pleased. We sold at the expo and are still selling because of the contacts made. The networking was fantastic, and the worldwide contacts are and will continue to prove to be a valuable asset.”

“I was very pleased that the Asian market opened up to us. We were very well received by the Russian and Northeastern U.S. markets as well.”

Daryl offers the following words of encouragement to artists considering exhibiting at Artexpo:

“I would tell anyone planning to exhibit to be prepared to make and establish long-term relationships, be organized, and be ready to present themselves to a worldwide market.”

If you’re reading this post now and you do end up exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011, chances are, you’ll run into Daryl and his team.

“Besides falling in love with New York City, we found everyone very friendly, helpful and easy to work with and look forward to our second year at Artexpo NYC!”

To see more of Daryl’s work, visit his site at To learn more about Artexpo’s [SOLO] pavilion, email Debbie Kuhn at

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