Success Story: SOLO Award-Winning Artist Ginger Fox

SOLO Award-winning artist Ginger Fox

2010 SOLO Award-Winning Artist Ginger Fox

West Texas native Ginger Fox is primarily a self-taught artist, but her extraordinary Magical Realism canvases are drawing attention across the nation. She’s exhibited in galleries throughout the U.S., and this year Ginger claimed one of three [SOLO] awards for emerging, independent artists at Artexpo New York 2010.

“I was having a great show, and then after I was presented with the award I was floating on cloud nine.”

In addition to winning the award, Ginger says her exhibition at Artexpo proved invaluable:

“Our experience was amazing! We set several goals that we wanted to accomplish and we exceeded them all. I sold 4 pieces of art, which was great, but even more importantly was the large number of contacts and exposure I gained.”

"Sommelier Season" by Ginger Fox

Networking and exposure were top priorities for Ginger upon registering to exhibit at Artexpo, and she feels that the show offered her invaluable firsthand experience and face-to-face communications with dealers, galleries and other artists:

“The networking with other artists and industry experts [is what] will have the greatest impact on me as an artist and business person. I gained more information, tips and insight into the art market and art world in 4 days than I would have in years painting and reading about it in my studio.”

Ginger first heard about Artexpo in Artist Magazine. This was her first year exhibiting, and she says it won’t be her last.

“Artexpo has given me the tools that I need to evaluate where I am headed with my art career, where I want to go, as well as the information and contacts to help me get there. I have been able to add to the list of galleries where I show my work. Also, having such a large number of trade buyers viewing my work and seeing how they respond to it is something you cannot obtain from sending an email, or slides.”

What would Ginger tell other artists who are considering exhibiting at Artexpo and [SOLO]?

“If you are serious about continuing your career as an artist you should seriously consider exhibiting at Artexpo. I gained so much insight and exposure and made so many connections, I would not have traded the opportunity for anything!”

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