SOLO Success Story: Jane Waterous

Artexpo CEO Eric Smith & SOLO Award-Winner Jane Waterous

On the advice of a gallery owner, Nassau-based artist Jane Waterous decided to exhibit at Artexpo New York for the first time this year. In addition to claiming one of three [SOLO] awards for independent artists, Jane had an all-around terrific show.

“I had a great experience at Artexpo! All my expectations and hopes were surpassed; the risk-to-reward was more than exceeded. “I was ecstatic with the response to my work, both in sales and commissions. Weeks after the show, I am exploring a number of opportunities that opened up as a direct result of the networking I was able do at Artexpo. Artexpo provides a platform for artists like myself to not only sell their work but also market themselves.”

Jane’s paintings span a wide range of media, themes and subject matter. Her trademark three-dimensional Crowds at Play series reflect the vibrant colors and unique lighting of the Caribbean, where she lives. Jane’s innovative canvases sold well at Artexpo, and the professional connections she made are continuing to pay off.

“It has only been a few weeks since Artexpo and already a number of doors have opened up. The professional networking and contacts I made from the show have lots of potential. Through them, I am looking to expand my exposure and widen my target markets. “Artexpo provided a great platform to see, hear and learn from an audience of professionals, fellow artists and the public.  More often than not, I never meet those who purchase my paintings when sold through a gallery.  It was great fun to see the response from the public! It turned out to be a great learning experience. Also, I was able to sit in on a few informative lectures, which was an added bonus to exhibiting.”

"Wisdom" by Jane Waterous

In addition to networking with attendees, Jane says she gained a great deal of inspiration from mingling with other artists and exhibitors.

“Painting can certainly be a very insular activity.  It was wonderful to rub elbows with other working artists, to share ideas, to brainstorm with those with similar and diverse creative ideas, to have an audience for my work and to see other artists’ portfolios.”

Jane says she was “elated” to have received the [SOLO] award for independent artists. We were delighted to have this talented artist exhibiting with us in New York, and we hope to see her again soon! For more information about Jane’s work, visit For information on exhibiting in [SOLO] at Artexpo Chicago (Oct. 1-3) or Artexpo New York 2011 (March 24-27), email Debbie Kuhn, Artexpo Sales Manager [SOLO] at

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