Success Story: Robert Johns Iconic

Robert Johns Iconic artwork

"Dreamer (John Lennon)," Robert Johns Iconic

At Artexpo, we love fan mail. Not just because we love praise (who doesn’t?), but because it lets us know we’re accomplishing our goals: helping artists and gallery owners gain exposure and grow their businesses.

We recently heard from Robert Johns Iconic, an Artexpo New York 2010 exhibitor who gained some solid contacts at our spring show. Here’s what John Atanasio had to say:

“Our 2010 NYC Art Expo was a great experience and it is where we launched our first editions. We have since been picked up by and were featured as “Artist of the Month” a few months ago.

“Making our art accessible is somewhat of a throwback to one of our neighborhood inspirations… Keith Haring. Quite frankly, we are just happy that some people like it as much as we enjoy creating. “

To those who are exhibiting or considering exhibiting at an upcoming Artexpo, here’s what John has to say:

“Good luck to those exhibiting! After our exhibit at Art Expo NYC 2010, Robert Johns’ career was launched. You just never know.”

Robert Johns Iconic embraces an in-your-face, provocative and rebellious pop style which continues where Andy Warhol left off. The artist says his inspiration is “often plucked from the saturated mass media that influences every one of us including the Internet, television, movies, advertising, graffiti and photojournalism.”

Thanks for your email, John! Hope to see you at an upcoming Artexpo.

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