Smart Publishing celebrates 20 years at Artexpo New York

This year, Smart Publishing—one of the leading art publishers in the industry—is celebrating 20 years of exhibiting at Artexpo New York. Congratulations to one of our most established exhibitors!

It was back in 1991 that Rami Rotkopf, owner and founder of Smart Publishing, first took two booths in Artexpo New York. At the time, Smart Publishing was exhibiting a then-unknown artist named David Schluss. Over the next 20 years, Smart Publishing went on to develop David Schluss and many other Israeli artists into some of the most recognized contemporary artists in the industry.

Artist David Schluss autographing at Artexpo New York

Today, Smart Publishing supplies art to hundreds of galleries in the USA, Europe and the Far East. Says owner Rami Rotkopf:

“Through the years we kept coming back to New York Artexpo because it was a major destination to grow our wholesale business and gain exposure. Each year we grew bigger, increasing our booth size and we found that our client base was increasing every year as well. The great thing about this show is that in 4 days it puts all the players from the art industry in one place. The galleries can meet with publishers and the artists can meet with clients, and everybody gets the buzz of what is new in the world of art.”

Isaac Maimon with buyers from Australia.

Rami feels that by showing his artists’ latest works each year at Artexpo, Smart Publishing gives clients the opportunity to see firsthand each artist’s progression and development. As for exhibiting in the current economy, Rami Rotkopf says:

“The last 2 years were very difficult for us but we hung on and in the last 6 months we are starting to see improvement. Galleries are starting to reorder and people are getting back to buying art again. It’s human nature to want to get back to living life again. That’s why we feel that the 2011 Artexpo will be a good one!”

Center Court at Artexpo New York.

At the March 2011 Artexpo, Smart Publishing will launch new lines from all of their artists, and David Schluss will make an appearance at the show. For this occasion, he will create a special triptych painting commemorating his 20 years at Artexpo.

Smart Publishing Booth at Artexpo.

Smart Publishing will be exhibiting in the center lounge area at Artexpo New York 2011 (March 25-27, Pier 94). Look for them at booths 513, 515, 519.

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