Artwork of the Day: Fist a Cuffs, Ken Marshall

Ken Marshall Metalworks

"Fist a Cuffs," by Ken Marshall

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Fist a Cuffs,” a 48″x36″ painting (number 5 in a series) on etched aluminum by Artexpo New York 2011 exhibitor Ken Marshall.

Ken’s “industrial paintings” eschew canvas in favor of 17-gauge sheet aluminum. For “Fist a Cuffs,” Ken used grinders and wire brushes to etch the figure, then applied auto paint in candy colors, outlining the image in industrial black sign paint. The hardness, gleam and grit of the materials reflect the automotive-customization tradition of the Los Angeles area, where Ken works, and are also the perfect prism for the artist to explore the struggle inherent in the modern milieu.

The “Fist a Cuffs” series is work of individual classic fight stances. Although the figures are shown this way, the intention was to show a kind of angst and grind of everyday living. The poses are just a transformation of that.

Ken’s industrial materials are also capable of subtlety and delicacy, however. As THE Magazine Los Angeles put it,

In some cases, Marshall’s colors are so delicate that the surfaces seemed dyed. Their absorption of light gave the appearance of translucence, as though one were looking at an image in amber rather than an opaque piece of aluminum.

We look forward to welcoming Ken at Artexpo New York 2011. To learn more about Ken, and Ken Marshall Metalworks, visit his site site at

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