Artwork of the Day: ICE Contrast #67 – Traces of Impact, Kohta TANIDA

Kohta TANIDA, ICE Contrast#67 ~Traces of Impact~

"ICE Contrast#67 — Traces of Impact" by Kohta Tanida

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “ICE Contrast #67 – Traces of  Impact,” a 17.99″ x 22.04″ photograph by Kohta Tanida, who will be represented at Artexpo New York 2011 by the Japan Contemporary Art Association — JCAA.

Kohta’s distinctive photography centers on ice in its myriad forms and manifestations. The fantastical, abstract crystal shapes he captures refract light and color in alternately magical and chilling aspects, making the posters and art prints of his work popular among consumers internationally. Khota’s photos are held in collections all over the world, including Osaka Art University.

Born in 1977, Khota has shown his work at the ARTEX TOKYO, ARTEX SEOUL and ARTEX PARIS expos, the Les Grands Etoiles de Demain group show in Paris and the Feria de Arte Independiente de Madrid.

Kohta Tanida will be part of a large group of talented Japanese artists shown by the Japan Contemporary Art Association at Artexpo New York 2011. The JCAA was established in 1984 by Masuo Ikeda, Toshimitsu Imai and Tomoyuki Ono (its current president) to promote the work of contemporary Japanese artists in Japan and abroad and to encourage a dialogue between contemporary artists from different nationalities.

The association seeks to promote cultural exchange and international understanding through paintings, photography and sculpture. JCAA has organized many exhibitions in Tokyo, Osaka and Paris, as well as New York, Venice, London and Barcelona. The association currently has 100 members of all generations representing different forms of expression and new streams of Japanese art today.

We look forward to welcoming Kohta and the JCAA at Artexpo New York 2011. You can find out more about Kohta Tanida and the Japanese Contemporary Art Association at

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