Artwork of the Day: Old South Condos at Night, Maggie Carberry

Maggie Carberry, Old South Condos at Night (Diptych)

"Old South Condos at Night" (Diptych) by Maggie Carberry

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Old South Condos at Night,” a 30″ x 40″ diptych in gum transfer, collage, oil pastel, encaustic on wood by Artexpo New York 2011 exhibitor Maggie Carberry. Boston-based artist Maggie Carberry is fascinated by printmaking processes and how they can transform a photograph. “Old South Condos at Night” and other mixed media pieces are created with the gum transfer method (also known as Xerox lithography), that starts with photographs. Transformed by the printmaking process, the images are further morphed and mediated by layers of ink and encaustic paint. Four to five prints may be created from each photo, but the technique’s inconsistency guarantees that no two pieces will be exactly the same.

The gum transfer process in particular can break down a photograph in a way that results in a “bad print.” I use a variety of media to bring these broken photographs back to life. Layers of ink, acrylic, encaustic and collage help to turn my nostalgic images into work that suggests a passing of time. My hope is that my mixed media paintings remind the viewer of a simpler time in their own idealized memories.

International travel has influenced Maggie’s work with its themes of travel, movement and daydreaming. Maggie’s work always begins with a camera and a journey. The mixed media paintings that Maggie will exhibit at Artexpo 2011 represent the beginning of an urban architectural series, where she is working to “reconstruct” historical sites, one architectural detail at a time.

I use photography to capture specific moments in my memory. However, I am drawn to images that can convey a snapshot of anyone’s memory: a boat tied to a dock may remind me of an afternoon in Madrid, but to someone else it is the boat they built with their grandfather as a child. As time passes, our treasured memories begin to lose details, which often become replaced by a more idealized version of the story. It is this version that I am trying to convey.

Maggie Carberry grew up in Pelham, New York.  After receiving a BA in art education from the Catholic University of America and an MA in printmaking from Camberwell College of Arts in London, England, she went on to a fourteen year, elementary school teaching career with stops in Maryland, Brazil and Boston. School budget cuts have have since moved Maggie from the classroom to the art studio. She has exhibited her work widely throughout the Northeast as well as the United Kingdom. To Learn More About Maggie Carberry, visit We look forward to welcoming her at Artexpo New York 2011.

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