Artwork of the Day: Two Italian Girls in Lyon, Neda Rafiezadeh Kermani

RAFIEZADEH KERMANI Neda, Two Italian Girls in Lyon

"Two Italian Girls in Lyon" by Neda Rafiezadeh Kermani

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Two Italian Girls in Lyon,” a 30″ x 42″ gouache, pen and ink on paper by Neda Rafiezadeh Kermani, who will be represented by MECENAVIE at Artexpo New York 2011.

Neda’s art is born of intense introspection and meditation on the meaning of life. In her images, bright colors are set against fields of all-consuming black, with mordant figures who seem powerless against their fate.

Night is the origin of day. It is the ground plane of existence. It is a hollow unlocalised world to which we cling for security. Desire is our way of scratching a living. It is out way of survival. In my cosmology, black is the truth and the truth is all that lies behind. Darkness precedes the light and with the light come the first colors. I am inspired by this loneliness and all my ideas are born at night. I like the power and authority of the invisible, the formless urgency of the sea.

Neda says her interest in fine arts awoke following a period of intense reflection on the fundamental nature of human existence, a level where words no longer cohere and art takes over.

Art makes it possible to express the inexpressible. It is the natural language for me to represent the many thoughts and problems that possess me. I have always thought in images and for me, drawing is an act of self-discovery.

Each of Neda’s images represents a moment from her life, rendered in a small format that she says captures the intensity with which she experiences them.

After receiving her Master’s degree in painting from Azad University in Tehran, Iran in 2004, Neda moved to France, where she received advanced degrees in multimedia from the Ecole Supérieure de Création et de Multimédia in Paris. She is a skilled cinematographer and videographer, and as a painter, she has exhibited her work in Iran, Sweden and France. She has been a member of the Maison des Artistes à Paris since 2009.

Neda will be represented by her gallery, MECENAVIE, at Artexpo New York 2011. We look forward to hosting her. For more information on Neda Rafiezadeh Kermani, please visit the MECENEVIE website.

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