Artwork of the Day: Untitled, Fanfan

Fanfan, Sculpteur

"Untitled" by Fanfan

Today’s Artwork of the Day is an untitled sculpture in resin and plexiglas, 6.69″ x 5.11″ x 4.33″, by Fanfan, who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011 with the LILI-UBEL Gallery.

The French sculptor Fanfan works in compressed resin encased in acrylic. Fanfan’s years as an artisan in the world of fashion have informed her approach to sculpture. As she works, she watches the way of blocks of color resin accumulate and blend within the acrylic, harmonizing almost like a couture ensemble.

Fanfan approaches her work more like a painter than a sculptor. Nods to the abstract expressionists Arman, Jackson Pollock and Sam Francis can all be seen in Fanfan’s three-dimensional color compositions. “I highlight the resin’s flow and spatter as a pictorial form,” she says. The resin flows are at once carefully measured yet free in the space — and at the same time encased within the “synthetic crystal” of the acrylic block.

Fanfan is one of an exciting stable of artists represented by LILI-UBEL Gallery in Paris. LILI-UBEL Gallery’s mission is to raise consciousness in the world of contemporary art via a cross-disciplinary artistic program — a meeting point between designers, artisans, scientists and intellectuals. The gallery describes its curatorial vision as “open to dialogue and to exchange between the material world and the spirit.”

LILI-UBEL Gallery will be coming to Artexpo New York 2011 to exhibit Fanfan’s sculptures, along with the photographs of Blaise Arnold. Visit to find out more about Fanfan and other LILI-UBEL artists.

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