Artwork of the Day: Untitled, Roswitha Zentler-von Helly

Roswitha Zentler-von Helly, Untitled

Untitled, Roswitha Zentler-von Helly

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Untitled,” a multimedia artwork by on canvas by Roswitha Zentler-von Helly, who is exhibiting with Svenska Konstgalleriet at Artexpo New York 2011.

Roswitha, a Czech-born German artist, is an abstract expressionist gifted with a singular passion (she calls her oeuvre “Emotion Art”) that pushes the bounds of form. Not content to stay within the confines of a canvas, Roswitha also sculpts, and sometimes melds her painting and sculpture into mixed media pieces that present formal challenges.

In “Untitled,” a twinned, stainless steel circle remains incomplete — the safety of its enclosure left open and vulnerable to the outside world, and a reminder of the impossibility of perfection on the material plane. The motif is repeated with gestural brushstrokes on a canvas held behind two bars and accented with red, impasto paint drips.

Roswitha has exhibited widely at museums, galleries and expos in Europe and the USA, and has also received numerous awards, including the prestigious Euro Ehrenpreis.

Svenska Konstgalelriet was founded in Geneva, Switzerland by Mickaella Himmelström. The gallery later moved to its current location in Malmö, Sweden, from where it has been represented in more than 400 exhibitons over the world. With over 500 artists, Svenska Konstgalelriet has gained an international reputation with its ongoing series of painting, print, drawing, sculpture and photography shows.

We look forward to welcoming Roswitha and Svenska Konstgalleriet at Artexpo New York 2011. To learn more about Roswitha Zentler-von Helly, visit

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