A Dazzling Variety of Talent — Pedroso, Nash and Dellorco

Are you ready to discover a world of new talent at Artexpo New York 2011? From March 25-27, we’ll be hosting over 400 exhibiting artists, galleries and publishers from all over the world at Pier 94, NYC’s esteemed Art & Design Pier. You’ll see a diverse range of talented artists in a wide range of genres — with approaches to creativity as varied and divergent as these three exhibitors:

Armando Pedroso

"Home" by Armando Pedroso

Armando Pedroso deconstructs and reconstructs layers of roofing, tar, plaster, found objects, metals, symbols, rich acrylic colors and words to create emotionally driven paintings. Playful, gritty and urban, Armondo’s work is a leap of faith — mirroring his own, post-9/11 decision to leave the world of corporate sales and follow his muse. Without any training or experience in art, he decided to become a professional artist.

I have seen firsthand countless doors of opportunity fly wide open for me, what laid beyond those doors was this new person, this artist inside I never ever knew existed…all because I took the chance of listening to that small crazy voice inside myself.

If you don’t believe in the voice of God or being connected to your inner spirit…we need to talk.

Find out more about Armando Pedroso and the art that rewarded that leap of faith — visit his website, armandopedroso.com — or better yet, come see his work at Artexpo New York 2011.

Woodrow Nash

Woodrow Nash

"Untitled" by Woodrow Nash

In the tradition of great master sculptors from time immemorial, Woodrow Nash’s all-consuming passion is to elevate the human spirit through sculpture. His emotive “African Nouveau” sculptures incorporate various styles and techniques utilizing electronically-fired stoneware, earthenware, terracotta or porcelain.

While his images are generally African, the concept is 15th century Benin informed by the graceful, slender proportions and long, undulating lines of 19th century Art Nouveau.

I’m looking for that expression that cuts across a cultural grain.

That search can lead many artists into the bizarre and oblique; for Woodrow, it brought him to the very foundation of mankind —Africa, and world tribal culture. Nash integrates complex symbolism and sophisticated aesthetics to yield striking embodiments of the human soul and sensuality.

Woodrow will be with us at Artexpo New York 2011. You can find out more about Woodrow Nash at his website, TheRageGallery.com.

Chris Dellorco

Dellorco, Contemplation

"Contemplation" by Chris Dellorco

If you own “The Lion King” or any other Disney animated title on VHS or DVD, Chris Dellorco probably did the cover. The self-taught artist has been one of Disney’s top illustrators for the past 15 years. A true renaissance man, Chris received his degree in Developmental Economics from U. C. Berkeley, successfully wrote and directed an award-winning short film, and has grown a successful career as a painter.

The exacting demands of commercial illustration helped Chris refine the style of his lush, sensual canvases. The subjects of his semi-nudes are highlighted rather than overwhelmed by the Old World architecture Chris uses in his compositions, creating a feeling of high drama. Yet there is also a subtle sense of mystery in his paintings that goes beyond what he is able to bring to his illustrations.

[In illustration] the story has to be absolutely clear, and in fine art, it’s much more about mystery, a sense of ambiguity. I see a lot more mystery and beauty go hand in hand, and that kind of beauty is one of the goals of my art.

Chris’ lush, sensual canvases were featured alongside renowned artists such as Basquiat, Rauschenberg and Yoko Ono at the Artists for Medicine auction in Beverly Hills, and he has been exhibiting his art in Southern California for years.

Learn more about Chris Dellorco at his website, dellorcofineart.com. Chris will be at Booth 936 at Artexpo New York 2011.

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