Artwork of the Day: 12, David Jay Juter

"12" by David Jay Juter

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “12,” a 24″ x 24″ oil and acrylic painting by David Jay Juter, who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011.

David Jay Juter calls his paintings “emotional landscapes”. Like a kind of a Rorschach test, his abstracts allow the viewer to enter the piece and travel through their own personal landscape, taking from it what they put in.

My goal is to provoke personal feelings and even memories. Rather than using specific imagery I use the basic elements of color and texture to create a more universal space where people can bring their own unique view to the canvas. A person once told me that a certain painting reminded them of the feeling they used to have standing in their grandmother’s backyard on Cape Cod in the summer.

Nietzsche said, “the ‘subject’ is not something given, it is something added and invented and projected behind what there is.” In the end, there is only paint; it is more my subconscious that appears than whichever conscious meaning any of us attempts to add.

Using a two-foot long piece of Plexiglas as his “brush,” David uses the fundamental elements of color, texture and depth to create a personal experience for the viewer. He builds up his pieces starting from a basic color field, followed by a splattering of acrylic gel/molding paste medium, and then oil paint mixed directly onto the canvas. David says he never knows exactly how a piece will look when he is finished, though he is aware of its emotional direction and of the color combinations he has introduced.

The process is a constant push and pull of giving up control and then taking it back, and discovering the finished painting is of constant interest to me.

David lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. He has a bachelor’s degree in studio arts from Skidmore College and a masters in digital imaging and design from NYU CADA. After moving back and forth between painting and digital arts, in early 2008 David switched gears to concentrate primarily on his painting. His work has been exhibited in the Tang Museum, the Salmagundi Club and White Box’s Annex Gallery. He was an award winner in the Joyce Dutka Arts Foundation International Competition.

We look forward to welcoming David to Artexpo New York. To find out more about David Jay Juter, visit

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