Artwork of the Day: A Thought of a Moment, Jerzy

Jerzy, A Thought Of A Moment

"A Thought of a Moment" by Jerzy

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “A Thought of a Moment,’ a 24″ x 24” oil on canvas by the Polish-Canadian painter Jerzy, who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011.

Jerzy, born Jerzy Wojciech Marek Szechynski, is a man of ellipses and epigrams. About “A Thought of a Moment,” a dark and pensive portrait that might have been painted by Leonardo Da Vinci or Odilon Redon, he writes,

Life comprises of many journeys. With this painting, a moment of inspiration, I have found the beginning and end of mine.

The sombre, shadowy introspection of Jerzy’s paintings is very much in the tradition of brooding masters like Da Vinci, Rembrandt and Goya. “I slept on four books once,” he writes, “[Michelangelo] Buonarroti, Da Vinci, [Rembrandt] Van Rijn, Manet.” Jerzy’s experience as a cultural transplant has left him with a mind given over to probing meditations on the nature of life and human folly. In art and life, he is a seeker of truth. When he is not “observing and breathing with purpose,” the rest of Jerzy’s time is spent “between worlds.”

He says of himself,

Jerzy — the process of immigration, which uprooted him in the early stages of his life, shaped his psychology and outlook on things and subconsciously helped build that which he has become. Through that journey of sorrow, anger, frustration and disillusionment he realized the importance of that which is truly of value: human experience, interaction, the interplay…the moments that fate puts forth at our feet, saying, “Here you are, what will you do with it?”

And so… always transfixed on the mind and its “endlessness,” in thought as in painting, he explores the human condition. Evident or meta, it is all relative.

Behind every portrait, every brushstroke, a story. Of him, of others… a metaphor, his Grey.

In his search for knowledge of the ultimate reality of living, Jerzy describes himself ultimately as “an observer of thought” rather than a mere painter:

Awareness is his inspiration. For it is not the definition of a fragrant peony in a manual that shows us the peony; it is not the diagrams, disections, organs, that teaches. In the depths of thought, using your cranium between book pages, you will never learn of its fragrance. These are just ingredients of “knowledge,” of structure. But in the garden – Awareness. Definitions excluded. As you lean over, nostrils filling with fragrance of Life, all answers are before you. Wisdom of the universe at your feet.

Born in 1969 in Kamienna Gora, Poland, Jerzy moved to Toronto as a young man and studied drawing and painting at OCAD University in Toronto. He shows his art chiefly at Studio Vogue Gallery in Toronto.

We look forward to welcoming Jerzy to Artexpo New York on March 25. To find out more about Jerzy, visit his website,

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