Artwork of the Day: Orange Boat, Jeffrey Serusa

Jeffrey Serusa, Orange Boat

"Orange Boat" by Jeffrey Serusa

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Orange Boat,” a 32″ x 34″ large-format photograph on canvas by Jeffrey Serusa, who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011.

Jeffrey grew up and lives on Martha’s Vineyard, where he has been photographing nautical and scenic life on the island for over ten years. All Jeffrey’s work originates from a film negative or positive. In keeping with the timeless, nautical simplicity of subjects like this orange boat, he uses 8 x 10 or 4 x 5 wooden field cameras (except for the medium-format camera he takes with him when the Atlantic weather turns wild).

Wooden large-format cameras are just that, large and unwieldy monsters that take considerable time to set up. They are completely mechanica — no light meter, batteries, or automatic focus. The image is projected through the lens onto a piece of fresnel glass, which is the same size as the film at the back of the camera. The image appears on the glass both upside down and backwards, which really makes you think before you shoot.

Jeffrey is “old school” when it comes to processing his images, as well. He eschews the extensive digital manipulation that has become so common in the Photoshop era.

I rely on just the right light, equipment and film to capture all of my images. These become indispensable elements when you’re colorblind, as I am. All that remains in the end is sizing the image, cropping and a few minor contrast and exposure adjustments before printing.

“Orange Boat” was printed using high-end giclée printers on canvas. Jeffrey’s framing is done in-house using high-grade archival materials, which insure a long-lasting work of art. Each edition of giclée is limited, signed and numbered.

Jeffrey shows all of his work at Seaworthy Gallery, which he owns and operates on Martha’s Vineyard. He will be joining us on the mainland at Artexpo New York from March 25-27. To find out more about Jeffrey’s photographic art, visit the Seaworthy Gallery website,

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