Artwork of the Day: Plunge In My Arms, Sylvie Bisson

Sylvie Bisson, Plunge In My Arms

"Plunge In My Arms" by Sylvie Bisson

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Plunge In My Arms,” a 60″ x 48″ acrylic on canvas by Sylvie Bisson, who will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2011.

For Sylvie, painting is a spiritual act. She likes to refer to Kandinsky’s “profound and undeniable” link between painting and spirituality. Beyond a purely visual medium, Sylvie experiences painting as an avenue of constant experimentation and evolution of the soul.

Sylvie is completely committed to acrylic in her abstract paintings.

For me, acrylic is the perfect medium for the abstract art that I adore, have adopted and hope I’m nurturing spiritually in my own style. With it, I can experiment with everything, lightly apply colours or spread them on suddenly and then start the process again in reverse with just one unexpected stroke, yet without losing the inspiration that completely inhabits me.

What interests me as a painter are personal perceptions that produce the vibrant and unexpected colours that I discover on every canvas, the magic of the accidental and uninhibited movement of my paintbrushes, and the unique work of art that results.

Sylvie runs Feel My Art Gallery (Galerie Feel My Art) in Dorval, Quebec, where she shows her work. She has exhibited in group shows throughout Quebec, as well, and many of her paintings have appeared in corporate publications and calendars.

Sylvie is a polymath who finds spiritual, creative resonance not just in painting, but in singing and acting as well. Since her performance as a child singer at the opening of the Expo 67 World’s Fair in her native Montreal, Sylvie has gone on to sing at venues as grand as Montreal’s Olympic stadium, appear in musical comedies and be the host of the television program Vox Montreal. Through it all,

Whether through my body or my voice, my fingers or my paintbrushes, my ultimate intent has always been and still remains the same: to move others, to regain balance and harmony, to find peace, then to learn and share what I’ve discovered in order to collectively draw closer to happiness with my audience.

Artexpo New York is pleased to host Sylvie on Pier 94, March 25-27. To find out more about Sylvie Bisson, visit her website,

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