Success Story: ANNA ART Publishing

Anna Razumovskaya,

" She Dances in Beauty 1," Anna Razumovskaya, ANNA ART Publishing


Artexpo New York 2011 exhibitor ANNA ART Publishing can’t say enough positive things about participating in Artexpo New York. According to Eugene Korchinski, Managing Director:

“We always have a great experience exhibiting with Artexpo! Since we started 7 years ago to make our way up from the SOLO section (at the very far corner) to the Main Floor, Artexpo proved itself to be our major marketing venue. It is working! You can actually see your business growing with the years.”

ANNA ART Publishing had a strong presence at this year’s spring show in NYC—one of our best shows to date! Show traffic was fantastic, with a 60% increase in attendees and many, many sales.

“This year our originals were sold out one day before the show started—galleries were placing orders when we were still setting up our booth. So all 3 days of the show we were selling giclées – lots of them! Artexpo always been very easy to work with and very helpful. The management team is clearly able to promote the show well and bring in the right clientele!”

We’re so pleased to hear Artexpo is doing great things for your business, Eugene and Anna! We look forward to hosting you again in the near future, whether at Miami SOLO, coming up this fall in Florida during Art Week Miami, or at Artexpo New York 2012.

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