Success Story: Malteste Expressionist Photography

We just love fan mail from satisfied exhibitors! We recently received this wonderful letter from Malteste Expressionist Photography, and I thought I’d share it with you.

I just want to take a minute to thank you and your team for everything that was done for our 2011 Artexpo New York. Dealing with your team was efficient, courteous, and above all easy. I would like to give a special thank to Sara Vesely. I must say that I really appreciated meeting you, and your great sense of humor was particularly appreciated.


This was our very first show and it was quite a success for us. We gave out more than 2,000 business cards, and at one moment we could barely walk in the booth! We also participated in a video interview where my artistic vision is described in full length; it will soon be available over the Internet. Customers were pleased with our selection and could just not choose their favorite artwork during the show! We are currently completing orders from people we met at your show and we are now working on preparing a production of four large-format PLEXI-ARTS artwork for an upscale NY interior designer; an important NY corporate firm recently acquired these artworks.

On top of that, we are now quite busy answering many requests we had at the show from the media, interior designers, and art galleries from the US and oversea. It is now very clear that I will need to spend more time in the future in the US. New York will become for sure one of our most important market. The vibe I got in New York is hard to explain, this was my first visit in NY since 25 years and I fell in love with your city!

—Malteste Expressionist Photography

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