Success Story: Sylvain Goudreau

Artexpo New York 2011 exhibitor Sylvain Goudreau in front of "Pastis Time"

We received this inspiring success story from Artexpo New York 2011 exhibitor Sylvain Goudreau last month, but things have been so busy I’m just getting around to posting it now! Lots to do these days, gearing up for Miami SOLO this Nov./Dec.

Congrats on your great success, Sylvain, and feel free to share any updates via comments below this post. We always love hearing about our artists’ exciting new endeavors!

For the rest of our readers, please enjoy Sylvain’s story:

“As a first time exhibitor at New York’s 2011 Artexpo, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I had always dreamed of one day exhibiting in New York City, but making the necessary contacts from my Canadian hometown was rather impossible. Reading about the Solo exhibition on the Artexpo website really got me excited about the show. I registered and, right from the start, the Artexpo team was there to help make my experience a good one.

I learned a great deal from the show; the seminars were very interesting and targeted a lot of the questions I had. I also met great artists with whom I discussed and received feedback on my work and the art market. Concretely, I made professional ties with designers, some of whom bought two of my paintings. I also met a curator who invited me to exhibit in a well established New York City gallery. I had brought 11 paintings to the show and four of them remained in New York. Upon my return, I was contacted by a personal art consultant who now represents my work in the United States and abroad, and by two other galleries who are interested in my work. Closer to home, I have gained in recognition having full page newspaper articles written on my work, and my networking has blossomed exponentially.

Less than two months after Artexpo and I have never been so busy! I am looking forward to the coming year to see the outcome of this grand adventure.”
—Sylvain Goudreau

To see more of Sylvain’s paintings and learn about the artist, visit You can also connect with him on Facebook:

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