Artwork of the Day: Perception, Michael Bedoian

Michael Bedoian, Perception

Today’s Artwork of the Day is a disarming wildlife portrait by an artist with an incredible story. “Perception” is a 48 x 32 oil on panel painting by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Michael Bedoian—and as you’ll come to see, perception plays a very key role in Michael’s artistic journey.

Michael lives with his family in a small town located in the mountains of Western North Carolina. An entirely self-taught artist, he began painting black bears after a series of events that lead him to thoughts of suicide in 2006. In desperation, he fell to his knees begging God for help. According to Michael, these paintings and their messages are the result of that prayer.

Each painting is a spiritual lesson I thought was only for me. As the images and lessons started to grow in number, healing occurred within me, then my family, and now in others I do not even know. I now realize, these works are to be shared with everyone who is hurting on this planet.

As an artist, Michael says he question what he sees. That’s why the eyes are the central focus in this painting. In Michael’s words:

The law of perception is thus: what you perceive in others, you are strengthening in yourself. Everyone on the face of the planet has the ability within them to choose how they see the world. Perceive fear in others and you will strengthen fear in yourself. Perceive love in others and you are strengthening love in yourself.

Speaking of fearless, here’s a shot of Michael photographing a black bear!

Michael Bedoian photographing a bear in North Carolina.

Black Bears are the symbols I use in my work because black represents the absence of fear. My paintings are about the spiritiual awakening taking place on this planet. They represent visions of a new way of seeing the world that transcends fear and replaces it with peace.

We welcome Michael Bedoian to Artexpo New York 2012 and look forward to seeing his work at our show this coming March! In the meantime, you can find Michael online at:

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