Artwork of the Day: Sfera Conchiglia, Gianfranco Meggiato

Gianfranco Meggiato, Sfera Conchiglia  (sphere Shell)

"Sfera Conchiglia" (Sphere Shell) by Gianfranco Meggiato

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Sfera Conchiglia,” a 60cm-diameter lost-wax casting in bronze by Italian sculptor Gianfranco Meggiato. Gianfranco is represented by Energenesi Art Gallery, which will be exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2012 this coming March.

The sculptor says that air/space plays a very important role in his sculptures, merging with the bronze and creating an overall visual effect of lacework. Beyond form and structure, he feels his works express a deeper message:

“… that man is energy in physical bodies, and everything that surrounds us is made of energy. The space is energy. That space-energy enters into the work. This gives life and breath to the sculpture.”

Gianfranco says he creates his works inspired by biomorphic tissue. In his own words:

“The biomorphic tissue symbolizes the path of man to find himself, to find the golden sphere at the center of the work that is inside. It is not an easy path—often the roads are dark and intricate as the moments of life. All these experiences are reflected in the golden sphere, which represents our essence. But usually only with overcoming difficulties do you grow, you change, you become stronger.”

At its essence the work of Gianfranco Meggiato is positivist, hearkening back to the Italian Renaissance, where man was placed at the center of the space and history.

Born in Venice in 1963, Gianfranco attended the Art Institute of Venice for five years, studying sculpture in stone, bronze, wood and ceramics. At a very young age, he exhibited his stone and fire clay sculptures in two collective exhibitions at the Municipal Gallery Bevilacqua La Masa in Piazza San Marco, Venice. Since then, he has shown his work in a continuous series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including Monaco Art, Dubai Air, Shanghai Art Fair, Strasbourg St’Art and more. In the last year Gianfranco was invited to exhibit in the 54 Venice Biennale.

We are pleased to welcome this talented sculptor to our March 2012 show! You can see his work up close at Artexpo New York 2012, March 22-25, Pier 92. For now, explore his art online at

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