Artwork of the Day: Protection, Ahni Kruger

Ahni Kruger, Protection

"Protection" by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Ahni Kruger

Today’s Artwork of the Day is a 28″ x 34″ oil on panel painting by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Ahni Kruger.

In the artist’s words:

“This painting plays with imagery derived from chain mail armor exhibited in France, and a pattern I often borrow from the St. Francis Cycle in Assisi to acknowledge the patron saint of the environment.”

Ahni Kruger is a painter/printmaker whose images form a provocative blend of conceptual and perceptual approaches. Her practice of addressing formal visual challenges on location in the landscape informs her studio work. Ahni dips into Nature as source or muse—but not dictator—to fortify her allegories about global consciousness and political misadventure.

Recent paintings and prints focus on themes of protection and vulnerability, questioning the results of repetitive patterns of behavior, both aggressive and seemingly benign. Medieval armor and aquatic defense mechanisms assume allegorical significance, as does the juxtaposition of conceptual patterns with realistic forms. Water itself becomes a catalyst, symbolic of the ongoing fight over precious resources. Stylistically, loose vibrant brushstrokes collide with precisely focused intervals of structured color, accentuating the point of contact between distinctly different approaches to the medium. The graphic work teeters on the verge of abstraction, with a rich variety of textures dancing in and around the forms.

We warmly welcome Ahni to Artexpo New York 2012. See you in March, Ahni!

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