Artwork of the Day: Secrets, Jeanne Bessette

Jeanne Bessette, Secrets

"Secrets" by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Jeanne Bessette

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Secrets,” a 60×60 mixed media by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Jeanne Bessette.

We’re thrilled to welcome Jeanne to her first Artexpo this March! An extraordinary mixed media artist, she has been featured in media ranging from Artsy Shark to Art Marketing Resources and was recently designated one of Top 50 Emerging Artists to Watch by Art Business News Magazine. She was also selected as a Charter Member for Artexpo Studio—the online fine art marketplace powered by Artexpo. Here’s why Jeanne has chosen to market her work through

“In an effort to make enjoying art ownership possible for a wider range of people, I have decided to team up with Artexpo Studio and offer some of my most popular pieces for sale as museum-quality archival giclee prints. A giclee is a digital ink jet print made to reproduce artwork and photography. The process employs a highly refined ink jet print head that has thousands of tiny nozzles that sprays very fine, overlapping layers of pigmented ink onto paper or canvas to create stunning prints with superior clarity and color.”

We invite you to peruse Jeanne’s Artexpo Studio gallery. Jeanne also exhibited at Miami [SOLO] last November, where her colorful array of innovative work garnered much acclaim. Here’s a photo from the show:

Jeanne Bessette, Booth 600

Jeanne in her booth at Miami SOLO last November.

Aside from being a wonderfully talented artist, Jeanne has a vibrant, poetic way with words. I just love the way she describes her creative process. Here’s an excerpt from her website,

“I interact with the canvas on a deep, intuitive level. I don’t plan composition or color; I just open myself to my inner sanctum: sponges, rags, fingers, colored pencils, ink, graphite, charcoal, spraying through stencils, palette knives to scratch through a layer of paint to the source underneath, a few brushes, crayons, pastels, chalk—whatever jumps into my hand!”

“Corrugated cardboard and burlap add texture, squashed right into the gesso.
 Acrylic dries fast—I’m so impatient—and it lets me move quickly. As each canvas comes alive with color, I crank up the music, layer paint with scraps and medium, then varnish, then paint, then varnish… Up to 10 layers of my own secret glazing formula gives me the depth and translucency I’m looking for.

“Each wash of varnish becomes a windowpane so the light can come inside the heart of the painting. The whole process is a meditative, jazzy madness with controlled surprises and big body movement and lots of out loud conversation between the paintings and me.”

Jeanne says she’s learned that her job is “to show up and then get out of the way. That’s where the magic is.” She also says she’s a storyteller at heart. Right you are, Jeanne! Both on the canvas and on the page.

We’re all looking forward to seeing Jeanne and her work at Artexpo New York 2012.

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