30 Years of Excellence: Deljou Art Group at Artexpo New York

More than a quarter of a century. That’s how long the world’s leading publisher of fine art, Deljou Art Group, has been exhibiting innovative artwork at Artexpo New York. And in 2012, we’re honored to have Deljou back again.

Based in Atlanta, Deljou Art Group has established an impressive influence on contemporary American fine art through through impeccable taste, hard work and uncanny marketing savvy. Mehron Zadeh, Deljou Art Group’s General Manager, probably knows as much about the art industry as anyone in America. At his first Artexpo in the early 1980s, Mehron understood that Artexpo New York could be a cornerstone of the company’s success:

Mehron Zadeh, General Manager, Deljou Art Group

Networking was very important to us then and is now — Artexpo, to us, is yet another vehicle to communicate with clients, meet new industry professionals and showcase original works from our top artists. The show goes beyond the halls of Artexpo: their marketing on social networking as well as through the Artexpo site is an added benefit to the exposure Deljou Art Group receives. It always proves to be a successful venture for us.

Offering the finest original paintings, sculpture, photography and art prints on the market, Deljou’s core asset is their roster of more than 50 painters, photographers, and sculptors, enlisted from across the country and around the world. A rigorous recruiting process ensures work of high quality and often startling innovation — kept vital and relevant by the infusion of fresh talent into Deljou’s studios every year. You can learn more at deljouartgroup.com.

The brilliant artists Deljou are representing at Artexpo New York 2012 will do more than uphold the company’s enviable reputation — they’ll make the Deljou Art Group booth a magnet for collectors yet again. Here is a preview of three painters whose work Deljou will be displaying March 22-25:

Lun Tse

Born in Hong Kong, Lun’s name in English translates as “dragon” — the traditional Chinese symbol of power and elegance. It would turn out to be prophetic: now an internationally successful artist, Lun paints serenely beauty floral settings with powerful and vibrant color on a dramatic scale.

Flower Power by Lun Tse

Flower Power by Lun Tse

Lun was only three years old when his family relocated to California. Later, Lun relocated to Tampa, Florida, where he began to mature as a painter, winning festival awards and showing his work at high-end Boca Raton galleries. Lun’s discovery of “sponge” painting proved to be the catalyst for his greatest creative and commercial success, taking him into realms of expression he could not reach with a traditional brush. He has since published several instructional books on the technique.

The vibrant intensity of Lun’s palette is perfectly diffused by the softness of his sponge and brushwork. The resulting canvases are dreamlike, each with a story that holds meaning for a painter who has bridged continents and cultures.

I find great satisfaction in creating artworks that are done well. To have them well-received by any audience brings a total sense of accomplishment. When a collector takes my artwork for their own to enrich their home — this gives me a sense of contribution.

Lun’s work can be found in collections around the world.  He currently lives with his family in Atlanta.

Vincent George

As a child, Vincent George used to render upstate New York’s leafy trees and rolling hills in charcoal on old, brown paper bags. The wrinkled paper and soft edges of the medium inform his quietly surreal style today.

Attending The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, Vincent received a BFA and as much New York City hustle and bustle as he could handle. He then moved to Georgia. Returning to a more pastoral setting gave Vincent elements he needed to reconnect with his earliest inspiration, while his new girlfriend Michelle inspired him to become a full-time painter.

Vincent has become best known for timeless landscapes with almost abstractedly soft edges, yet his work encompasses the bright lights, paved surfaces and hurried activity of the big city, as well.

City Lights by Vincent George

City Lights by Vincent George

Craig Alan

Craig Alan’s work runs the gamut from abstract expressionism to haunting, graphic realism, each series of paintings a reflection of its creator’s unique vision. His prolific career is a culmination of textbook artistic knowledge and keen aesthetic sense.

Though born in California, Craig’s artistic orientation did not get a chance to fully express itself until his family moved to New Orleans in his youth. It was the Crescent City, rich in its culture and outlets for creative expression, that let Craig’s capacity for detailed visual interpretation take root.

KG-ABS-24-C0104S by Craig Alan

Populous 101 by Craig Alan

Craig’s early experimentation with street portraiture helped him develop the gestural, economic approach to the human figure that distinguishes his paintings today. It was not until his sophomore year at the University of Mobile, Alabama, however, that Craig began a serious, academic focus in art. Craig earned an area award for academic excellence, and the university’s most prestigious exhibition, “Art with a Southern Drawl,” featured 42 of Craig’s pieces. Techniques in makeup and set design, developed during a minor concentration in theater, went into the disparate influences and media that can be seen in Craig’s work — as well a keen awareness of the space his subjects occupy.

The ‘Populous’ series is about changing the perspective from which society view itself; from something ‘large’ to something ‘small’. Society views the human race with too much grandeur. In the grand scheme of things, we are just specs on a spec within a spec.

More information about Craig Alan, Lun Tse and Vincent George and the Deljou Art Group can be found at deljouartgroup.com. Be sure to visit Deljou Art Group at Artexpo New York 2012 at Pier 92, March 22-25.

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