Artwork of the Day: Intangible Geometry II, Malena Assing


Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Intangible Geometry II,” a 26″ x 46″ digital photography piece by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Malena Assing.

In the artist’s words:

“This artwork is a sequence of photographs, every rectangle one taken after the other. They show the movement of light, of the energy around us. In my artwork there is nothing to worry about or to understand, it is just the beauty of what you see, the beauty of color in front of you and the impact of the color on your senses and emotions.”

Indeed, the colors in this piece seem to reach out and mesmerize, with a near-optical-illusion intensity. Vibrant color fields are a hallmark of the Florida-based photographer’s work, as are repeating visual rhythms and dynamic motion.

When asked about her process and inspiration, Malena says she works with images “stolen” from everyday moments.

“I grab sudden reflections over objects, the abrupt apparitions of colored fields combined with geometric forms and their pictorial shapes. In the end, it is no more than the metaphysical power of light and its energy. As French writer Gabriel Bauret indicates in his book Approach to Photography, photography serves as testimony of reality but it is also a recall and a reconfirmation of the existence of that reality.”

Malena has exhibited widely in Florida and has made forays into China’s art scene. You can read more about Malena on her website, Better yet: see her work in person at Artexpo New York 2012, March 22-25!

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