GE Capital Paints Bright Future for Art Buyers & Gallery Owners

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Art lovers: have you ever walked into a gallery and fallen head over heels for a painting, but walked out empty-handed because the price tag seemed daunting? Gallery owners: have you ever watched a client leave without a piece they absolutely loved, because they were concerned about up-front costs? Thanks to GE Capital’s Luxury Financing Program, neither of these scenarios need ever take place again.

GE Capital, sponsor of Artexpo New York, is now working with the art industry to accommodate both gallery owners and art lovers. Their goal: to help art aficionados take home the art they want, when they want it, and to better serve gallery owners by providing the tools they need to close sales.

In short, the Luxury Financing Program empowers gallery owners to offer their customers flexible financing options on a dedicated line of credit at their galleries. Art lovers can choose from 6, 12, 18 and even 24 months to pay without interest! This is huge, when it comes to taking the plunge with those high-end, well-worth-it fine art purchases.

GE Capital knows that fine art is an investment that will bring years of enjoyment to a buyer who connects deeply with a piece—whether it’s a sculpture, a painting or a mixed media work. The company also recognizes that, in today’s competitive market, gallery owners need all the tools they can get to maintain their edge. Customer research has shows that customers buy more on a GE Capital Luxury card than they would with a traditional credit card.

The Luxury card really is a win-win solution for art lovers and gallery owners alike. To learn more about how, as a gallery owner, you can offer this helpful service to your customers, please feel free to download GE Capital’s Luxury Financing Program information sheet. You can also stop by our VIP Lounge during Artexpo to discuss your options with an informed GE Capital representative.

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