2011 SOLO Award Winner Miyako Aoki Returns to Artexpo This Week!

[SOLO] Award Winner Miyako Aoki

According to Zen philosophy, ‘Completing is more important than completion.’ For Japanese artist Miyako Aoki, the main concern in art-making is the process.

“We human beings are a part of nature and related to each other. The world and we are always moving and changing and making new connections every instant. We live in this moment. What is important is the process.”

Miyako believes that the materials are inexhaustible; the process of exploring them utterly seduces her.

“I just let the materials change and transform on their own, and I leave all the marks that are produced in the process. Through the long process of mixing, layering and scraping the paint, the materiality of the paint is emphasized. I always have a feeling that the work is growing and developing itself. The final work is just the result of the process, rather than me controlling everything to complete the work.”

The reason Miyako uses aluminum as her medium is that the work looks lighter than when painted on canvas. Also, with the changing light, aluminum gives the work further spatial dimensions and plays an important role as empty space.

“The dialogue between a painting and a viewer is a waking-up process. My work is empty without my messages, but it can become full with a viewer’s dialogue with the painting.”

Miyako Aoki studied fine art at the Central St. Martins College of Art & Design in London and at New York University. Her works are well known in contemporary circles, and she has exhibited widely in Japan, New York, and beyond at venues including Artexpo New York and Gallery Yamaguchi of Tokyo. Miyako claimed the prestigious [SOLO Award] for independent artists at Artexpo New York 2011. At this year’s show, visit her at booth #1344; for more information, see her website.

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