Artexpo to Host American Premiere of Art Film "Becomes," 5 pm, March 22


On Thursday, March 22 at 5 p.m., Artexpo will host the American Premiere of Becomes, a sensual fine art film exploring the work of sculptor André Desjardins and directed by Hélène Bélanger-Martin. A Q&A with the artist and director will follow. The film will be shown the following dates and times as well:

* Friday, March 23: 6 p.m., Q&A with André Desjardins to follow
* Saturday, March 24: 6 p.m.
* Sunday, March 25: 4 p.m.

Becomes is an unhurried foray into the studio of sculptor André Desjardins. Under the camera’s patient and discreet eye, a sculpture is born. Each step of the creative process is scrutinized; from the shaping of the armature, the fleshing out in clay to the finishing touches. The sculptor’s concentration and silence are intense yet fragile. The clinking of tools, focused breaths, a creaking floor; the spellbinding atmosphere of the studio plunges viewers into a near-meditative state. On a few rare occasions, the artist shares his thoughts in confidential voice-overs.

André Desjardins, sculptor and painter
Desjardins is a Canadian artist represented by Masterpiece Publishing, a prestigious American visual artist agency. Since he joined the group, his work has appeared in more than 35 galleries, museums, corporate and public collections throughout North America. His paintings and sculptures are now exported to Armenia, Russia, and starting in May, to Shanghai, China. Galerie ROCCIA in Montreal is privileged to exclusively present his work throughout Canada. Art Business News magazine has also proclaimed Andre Desjardins “one of the best contemporary artists in the United States.”

Hélène Bélanger-Martin, filmmaker and gallery owner
Owner of Galerie ROCCIA in Montreal, Hélène Bélanger-Martin is a trained art historian and filmmaker. Her path through filmmaking has brought her to the inevitable creation of art films. As director of her art gallery, she has the privilege to be in close proximity with artists and their creative process. She has married both her passions by putting the extraordinary creative process on film. Hélène produced her first artist portrait in 2009 as director of Visual Emotionism, a film on the pictorial creation process of artist André Desjardins.

Meet André Desjardins and view his work this weekend at Artexpo New York 2012, booth 218. For more information and for interview requests with the artist, contact Eve-Marie Bilodeau:, 514.838.7299, Galerie ROCCIA at, 514.803.7977,

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