Artwork of the Day: Gaea Longs For Ouronos, Jesse Newman

Gaea Longs For Ouronos

"Gaea Longs For Ouronos" by Jesse Newman

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Gaea Longs for Ouronos” by Artexpo New York 2012 exhibitor Jesse Newman.

A visual effects artist living in New York City, Jesse has worked on numerous award-winning projects, including feature films (Armageddon), commercials (M&Ms, Verizon, HP), broadcast designs (Disney, SciFi, HBO) and short films (Shapeshifter, One Rat Short).

For years now, he has now been working on a project of epic proportions, which he will unveil this March at Artexpo New York 2012. “The Rebirth of Gaea” is a celebration of Greek mythology, the earth and — most important — Jesse’s daughter Emma. The final image is comprised of thousands of images, representing hours upon hours of manipulations in post-production. Here’s a video sneak preview:

REBIRTH of GAEA – Flowing Meditation from Jesse Michael Newman on Vimeo.

All told, Jesse’s been working on this project for about six years. The first several years of the project, he took an average 2 weeks out of the year to work on it; then, realizing he needed to devote more time, he took a one-year sabbatical.

The project has taken this long for several reasons. I worked off and on the first several years, becoming absorbed in it for a few weeks and then not touching it again for many months at a time. You may notice when you see the final image, it is staggeringly complex… Finally, and most importantly, I fell in love with the process—creating artwork, I was home with the family more. When you find bliss, you tend not to rush out of it.

“Rebirth of Gaea” depicts Jesse’s daughter as Goddess of Earth. The media is what Jesse describes as “hyper-real fantasy art,” a tapestry of layers delicately interwoven from ancient narratives, personal experience and visual effects. When asked how he he managed to devote nearly a full year to this project, he said:

People usually don’t like this answer, but… unless you’re living below poverty level, you could do it, too. Prioritize time for yourself over having cable TV, a new car, etc. Live below your means. Recognize every purchase as a value of time, not just money. Don’t look at a new car strictly as costing $30K; translate that into time and see it as costing you a few months home hanging with the kids.

Jesse was recently accepted as a juried Charter Member at, where you can now purchase museum-quality reproductions of his innovative work. You’ll find his online Artexpo Studio gallery at and you can visit his personal website at

The entire Artexpo team is eagerly looking forward to seeing the big unveiling of “Rebirth of Gaea” at the show. Don’t miss it!

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