Ray Hare to unveil new photorealist work at Artexpo New York

Realism takes on new dimensions through the eyes of artist Ray Hare. His paintings go beyond realistic likeness, with larger-than-life close-ups depicted in all their infinite color and detail. His latest works will be shown by Blazing Editions at Booth 104 at Artexpo New York 2012.

I Like It Wet, Ray Hare

I Like it Wet, Ray Hare, 50" x 52"

Ray plans to unveil another piece in his highly acclaimed fruit collection at this year’s Artexpo New York. Recognized worldwide for his unique artistic vision, Ray incorporates conceptual studies with practical mastery of fine art, testing each image and medium to its limit. Artexpo New York CEO Eric Smith says:

It’s as if he held a magnifying glass up to his subject and painted what he saw. The subjects seem so real you believe we can reach out and touch them.
Questions of illusion implied in Ray’s striking realism set up an interesting relationship with the viewer. Ray explains his process this way:

When we think we understand something, and then something else happens to knock us off track—that’s the kind of journey on which I’d like my paintings to take you.
On every level, from a first appearance of vividly rendered reality to a fleeting yet powerful sense that you’re glimpsing the very energy of life itself, Ray aims to intrigue, challenge, and satisfy the viewer.

It isn’t surprising to learn that Ray has achieved a measure of acclaim as big and bold as his images. He’s exhibited in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Oakland Museum of Art, the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, and the Los Angeles Art Institute. Major corporations such as Chevron, Philip Morris, and Bank of America have Ray Hare works in their collections. So do other public and private collections around the globe.

If you’re at Artexpo New York from March 22-25, come see Ray’s paintings for yourself at the Blazing Editions booth.

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