Victori’s Multiplism School of Art to be Showcased at Artexpo New York

Victori, The Composer

"The Composer" by Victori

Fifty-year-long career artist Victori will showcase a slice of his original collection at Artexpo this week, March 22-25 at Pier 92 on the Hudson. A select number of Victori’s 20,000+ paintings will be displayed in our [SOLO] Pavilion. The artist will also host a press conference on Friday, March 23 at 11:30 am in his booth, #1149. Additionally, he will sign framed prints to be raffled off to the general public.

Victori’s specific style, dubbed by journalists and art enthusiasts alike as a new school of art, is called Multiplism. In essence, this artistic approach highlights the many behind the one, unfolding all possible dimensions of a being in one all-inclusive piece of work. His original work revolves around an ideology he developed in the 1970s and will be showcased through a selection of age-old pieces as well as a few newer paintings that explore a looser grip of stroke and medium.

Victori, Frazzled Woman

"Frazzled Woman" by Victori


Similar to the transition made by many of history’s most renowned painters from portraiture to Impressionism, Cubism or Pointillism, Victori transformed from realist to Multiplist earlier in his career. Victori’s process infuses life into his subjects and captures their emotions and personalities across multiple facets. His application of Multiplism reveals the complexity of the human psyche, featuring concurrent and sometimes conflicting emotions that cannot be simultaneously represented in a singular expression.

Touted as an exceptionally rapid and productive artist by reviewers in the ’80s, Victori has created thousands of original works of art, ranging diversely from the everyday woman, to household celebrities, to iconic historical figures. One piece may reveal the irritability of a tired New Yorker while the next may reinvent the Statue of Liberty’s tearful sternness.

“If I repeat what’s already been done, my life will be a bubble. Each and every work must be something new.”

This dedication to innovation underlies each work in a diverse collection (reaching the quintuple digits) that’s sewn together by the thread of Multiplism. Victori’s past client list includes Richard Nixon, Edward Kennedy, Ronald Reagan, Donald Trump, Burt Reynolds, and Keith Olbermann, to name a few.

About the Artist
Victori (formerly known as “Victolee”) was born in 1943 as the third of six children in a small farming village outside of Seoul, South Korea. After serving in the Air Force, he left in 1969 and traveled through Europe, studying the works of old masters. He headed to the States in 1972 and undertook his first project on US soil — a mural of all the U.S. Presidents. It was delivered to the Nixon White House in 1973 and remains there to this day. During the ’70s and ’80s, Victori traveled the country working as a portrait artist, his identity often fluctuating between celebrity status and starving artist. He landed his own gallery presence on Park Avenue in New York City and stayed there the greater part of the ’90s.

Victori’s career and experience in portrait work spanned much of his adult life; however, he managed to focus on developing a unique and divergent style of painting (as mentioned previously, Multiplism). Having gazed upon so many thousands of faces throughout his career, Victori realized that a single instance of time frozen in a portrait hides the multiple moods, emotions, and states of mind concealed behind a stationary, fixed expression. Victori began developing this style of art in the 1970s and continues to evolve its meaning, composition and grandeur to this day. He currently works out of his private studios, where he not only focuses on paintings, but mural and large-scale sculpture work as well. He is father to five grown sons and lives with his wife, Maria.

View other works by the artist at, or contact him by email at or by phone at 201-913-9036.

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