Artwork of the Day: Unanswered Prayers 05, Anna Paola Pizzocaro

Anna Paola Pizzocaro - UnansweredPrayers_05

"Unanswered Prayers" by Anna Paola Pizzocaro

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “Unanswered Prayers 05” by Artexpo New York 2013 exhibitor Anna Paola Pizzocaro. The New York-based artist’s “Unanswered Prayers” series invites the viewer into a world rich with dreamlike, oceanic images juxtaposed against wildlife, human figures and an urban backdrop.

Waking and dreaming are one in these fine art photography images, which are as surprising and unpredictable as the ocean itself. Jellyfish somersault in an abandoned building as oceanic light filters through the window. Flamingos flock into a room with wine-dark walls and ankle-deep water. A polar bear climbs onto a leather couch to avoid a salty rush of waves. Here’s what Anna has to say about her photographic explorations, and about fine art photography in general:

Today, the manipulation of photographic images is omnipresent in magazines and advertising, in medical imaging, and increasingly in the snapshots of vacations, weddings, and graduations that we email to friends and family and upload to social networking websites. It is not surprising that artists have used these new tools to realize their work and promote reflection on the medium’s past, present and future. Whether imagining alternate realities or reinterpreting classic works of art, artists today are pointing the way toward a new conception of photography as a malleable medium with an exquisitely complex relationship to visual truth.

Anna has an MFA in Art History and Aesthetics from the Sorbonne, along with a post-graduate degree in post-production and animation from the Ensad School of Arts (Ecole National Superieure Des Arts Decoratifs) in Paris. Upon graduation, she did digital work in commercials and TV for several years and then went on to pursue her art in New York City, where she lives and works today.

We look forward to hosting Anna from March 21-24 this year at Artexpo New York 2013! Until then, feel free to visit her online at

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