Artist Sandra Iafrate Blooms in the U.S. at Artexpo

Sandra Iafrate
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Abundance by Sandra Lafrate

Canadian resident Sandra Iafrate is making her US her debut with a big, bold statement at Artexpo! For her first year at the show, she’s showcasing bursting bouquets of vibrant florals painted on massive linen supports in her “Abundance” series.

Having moved to Virginia from Toronto last year, Iafrate says she was very excited to be showing her work in the U.S. and has been working with concept designs she planned several years ago.

“I love to get an oversized piece of canvas and tape it to the wall and just go,” says Iafrate, who says Abundance was inspired by her days as a student in the 1980s living near a boisterous flower market in East London.

“I can only describe the atmosphere on a Sunday morning as beautiful chaos: vendors shouting, colors and aromas all whirling about your head as you make your way through.”

The mix and mingle in Abundance is a great intro to spring in the 76” x 108” major piece, and two long pieces measuring 76”x34” each. With its sheer size, you can’t help but stop and smell the roses.

“I’m a big fan of bringing the outdoors in, especially in the city,” says Iafrate. Having lived in Toronto for 8 years, she said she has painted mostly nature, floral and foliage as the city folk want to bring in some gardens that they don’t have to water.

In addition, Iafrate is showing contrasting abstracts in a series of five paintings, which are reminiscent of waterfalls. A dramatic contrast of several values hued in pthalo blue with a textured vertical ‘fall’ in white. This series entitled, Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders), which is the translation of the name of the mystic and strong wonder of the World, Victoria Falls. She recently visited the Falls in Zimbabwe, saying that the movement, power and noise from the rush of white water was exhilarating enough to help create this as an abstraction upon her return.

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