Exhibitor’s Show Planner: 6 Weeks Before The Show

We’re on the march toward the 40th Anniversary of Artexpo New York. We’ve got our lists—and we’re checking off everything to make it the best show ever. And our Show Planner will keep you on track too!

You are only 6 weeks away from your exhibition at the world’s largest fine art trade show! Be sure these important details are on your to-do list:

March 12 – Show Catalog Deadline

  • Deadline for Artexpo New York 2018 Show Catalog Image Submission

March 13 – Marketing Smarts Webinar

That cool self-published coffee table styled book you’ve always wanted to create could be just around the corner. Join Blurb, one of our show sponsors, for an informational webinar on March 13 at 11 a.m. PT. It’s a live session with Q&A to learn more about creating, printing, and selling a self-published book. RSVP now!

6 weeks – Write An Artist Statement/Gallery Overview

  • An Artist Statement (or Gallery Overview) offers prospective clients a view into the artist and the artwork—but don’t get overly personal. Explain the work in an intelligent manner.
  • Educate, but don’t preach. (How would someone else explain your work?) What is your series based on? What are its elements?
  • Mention important influences, artists and writers that will establish a context for your work. Discuss your process or technique, especially if it is particularly unusual or important to understanding your work.
  • Be confident but not cocky.
  • The statement should be one page, maximum!

6 weeks – Create a Press Kit

To market your work, it’s important to have a professional Press Kit that includes:

  1. Interesting and timely information
  2. A one-page historical overview and/or biography
  3. Gallery Overview or Artist Statement
  4. Complete collection images and information—including title, artist, price, size—for each image shown
  5. Contact information

Once it’s completed, post your press kit on your website along with your latest news (blogs are a great way to keep collectors and clients up to date and informed).

6 weeks – Create a Show Invitation

  • Plan a multifaceted approach with direct mail, social media, and email announcements about your show participation and invitations.
  • Creating a show invitation is an extremely important part of your exhibition! Be as creative as possible; make the piece stand out from everyday mail/email.
  • Select a piece of work to present on the invitation—one that best represents your series or body of work and/or what’s new that will be shown in your booth.
  • Generate brand awareness with your name and logo so your target audience will recognize you at the show.
  • For your most important clients and collectors, be sure to add a link for complimentary tickets.
  • If it is being mailed, make sure the invitation is of good color and quality card stock. Boldness and higher contrast often work best.
  • Plan to get invitations in the mail—or email—about three weeks before the show.

As always don’t be afraid to ask questions. RMG has all sorts of information that new exhibitors benefit from knowing. Contact us at info@artexponewyork.com

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