Exhibitor’s Show Planner: 4 Weeks Before The Show

Time is getting close—and there’s no need for pre-show jitters. You’ve got it under control with careful planning and making sure you’ve got all your bases covered. Double-check the previous two blog posts to be sure you’ve completed the important preliminary tasks, then move on to this week’s list.

Stay on track. You’re just a few weeks away from the 40th Anniversary celebration of Artexpo New York! And here’s your all-important list for the next two weeks:

4 weeks – Finalize Your Booth and Exhibition


4 weeks – Pricing the Artwork

    • Do you know your audience? Do you understand trade buyers? Do you understand art lingo? (50/10, 50/20). Watch our ‘How To Maximize Your Sales‘ educational video.
    • Price your work properly. Find out more here
    • Prepare your price tags with TAPS (title, artist, price, size.)
    • Square up! Be prepared for credit cards.


4 weeks – Be Ready!

    • Prepare your Hanging Kit.
    • Don’t forget a hammer, hooks, tape and toolkit. Bring a small ladder if possible.
    • Be sure to bring brochure and business card holders—they make a professional presentation of your materials
    • Remember red dots and packing material for when you sell the artwork—and a pen for autographs!


3 weeks – It’s Go Time!

  • Send Out Invitations to the Show. Send key collectors and clients complimentary tickets. And don’t forget those designers and other trade professionals on your list. You’ll want to be sure send them complimentary trade tickets.
  • Research the show location. Know where the closest business office, shipping center and other important locations are. It may save you time down the road. (link to Location & Directions on website – http://artexponewyork.com/location/)
  • Get a guest book for your booth. Follow-up sales can make your exhibition a success!
  • Get your wardrobe together. First impressions make an impact!

As always don’t be afraid to ask questions. RMG has all sorts of information that new exhibitors benefit from knowing. Contact us at sales@artexponewyork.com.

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Planning Your Exhibition