Exhibitor’s Show Planner: 2 Weeks Before The Show

Whoa! time is speeding by—and the big day is almost here! Just two weeks to go before we’ll all be at Pier 94 setting up for Artexpo New York’s 40th Anniversary show! Stay calm, you’ve got this—your planning will keep it going as planned.

Time to double-check your previous lists to be sure everything is on track. Then move on to this week’s list.

And here’s your all-important list for this week and next:

2 weeks — Gather All Your Materials & Review

  • Have all of your information, data and materials on a back-up disk in case your flyers/brochures run out or presentations falter.
  • Watch RMG’s new video: “Planning Your Exhibition” again to be sure you picked up on all the tips and expert advice for planning your booth.
  • Watch Eric Smith’s “Making Your Art Stand Out” video again to insure you have covered all the bases.
  • O.K. so you’ve planned your space, have your hanging kit—how about some art hanging tips to keep in mind as you visualize the layout of your booth? Check these “Tips & Tricks” out and it’ll be smooth sailing on set-up day!

1 week — Pack for a great show!

  • Got your printed materials back from the printer? Great! Get them packed.
  • It’s business attire each day at the show. You want to make a great first impression, so plan your wardrobe and get everything set so there’s no last minute scrabble.
  • Review your booth plan, hanging guidelines, and hanging tips one more time.
  • Watch the videos one more time for reinforcement.

As always don’t be afraid to ask questions. RMG has all sorts of information that new exhibitors benefit from knowing. Contact us at info@artexponewyork.com.

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