Art Lab Program

2017 Art Labs

ART LAB 1: South African Art Collective

Location: Booths 500 & 502

As a stop on the national tour of the South African Art Collective, Artexpo New York is proud to host this amazing group of artists and their work. Sponsored by the South African Department of Small Business Development and its desire to support the creative industries through market access platforms such as Artexpo New York, the South African Art Collective Art Lab showcases creative diversity while supporting the goals of development and access in an expanded marketplace for the artists.

The Collective’s curator, Nkululeko Khumalo, is an artist and printmaker herself, and is traveling with the Collective. She is passionate about promoting the world of South African art—especially highlighting artists from disadvantaged communities. This Art Lab promises to give you a broader appreciation for the art, culture, and heritage that the artists depict in their work.

Here’s a closer look at 4 of the 20 featured artists in the South African Art Collective who will be at Artexpo New York:

  • Azael Langa: Langa delves into socio-political issues in his work, and admits his quest to uncover truth as an artist can be all-consuming. “Art is not a day job or a career, it is a lifestyle,” he says, and one through which he shows his activism.
  • Majolandile Dyalvane: Multi-talented artist Dyalvane is the founder of Imiso Ceramics in South Africa’s Western Cape. While he enjoys painting, he believes clay gives him the ability to create something beautiful that represents the elements of life: earth, water, fire, and air.
  • Pauline Mazibuko: Artist Mazibuko started her career as a teacher, teaching drawing and painting while simultaneously pursuing her own exhibitions and development as an artist.
  • Ephia Mmbidi: Mmbidi’s work is inspired by the life she is surrounded by and her interaction with others—all of which transpires into her work and figurative representations.

Come see this extraordinary exhibit, meet Khumalo and the artists, and learn more about the South African art traditions—then make a piece of inspired South African art part of your collection.

[PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Awards

Location: Artexpo Cafe

The [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Awards is a premier awards contest created by Redwood Media Group, in partnership with Art Brand Studios, to empower talented artists and introduce their work to the world.

And now, the months of searching, reviewing artwork, and interviewing artists have culminated in the Top 10 Finalists, including winner Kevin Grass. Now we are in search of the Popular Vote—tell us which of the 10 is your favorite. The votes will be tabulated and the Popular Vote winner announced at Artexpo New York 2017 in April. Don’t miss the chance to see all of the amazing artwork and vote for your favorite!

You! We want to know the Fan Favorite! Vote and tell us which artist and artwork is your pick.

The Finalists’ artwork is on a National Tour, culminating at Artexpo New York 2017. The Fan Favorite will be announced during the Artexpo New York Opening Night Preview Party on Friday, April 21, 2017. Be sure to give us your vote.

[PLATFORM] Artist of the Year
RMG's [PLATFORM] Artist of the Year Awards
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