Highlights of Artexpo NY 2015

Artexpo New York 2015 was a smashing success, thanks to our 400+ fantastic exhibitors, nearly 28,000 attendees, and wonderful sponsors without whom this show wouldn’t be possible. We at Redwood Media Group send out a hearty thank you to everyone who participated! Here’s a look back at all the exciting events of Artexpo, as well as top sales, success stories, and plenty of photos and video.


The entrance to Artexpo New York.

Unforgettable Moments

From the fabulous parties to the live art demonstrations, scintillating seminars, and more, Artexpo 2015 was jam-packed with artwork to see, experts to hear, and corners to explore. Photographer Jordan Matter was on hand to sign copies of his book Dancers Among Us and stage live photo shoots with young dancers in front of the masses. Two live [SYNERGY] Art Projects, featuring students from Morris Hills High School and Woodcliff Middle School, captured the attention of attendees and exhibiting artists alike. And the unveiling of Artexpo’s 2015 Poster Challenge Winner, Without Hesitation by Joëlle Blouin, was an exciting moment for everyone.

Jordan Matter at AENY

A dancer leaps for photographer Jordan Matter outside Artexpo New York.

Morris Hills High School students work on their [SYNERGY] Art Project.

Morris Hills High School students work on their [SYNERGY] Art Project.

Joëlle Blouin stands by her Poster Challenge winner, Without Hesitation.

Joëlle Blouin stands by her Poster Challenge winner, Without Hesitation.

Top Sales & Success Stories

Nothing makes us happier than to see our exhibitors successfully make sales and connect with new buyers. Here’s a roundup of some of this year’s big sales, as well as testimonials from artists and gallery owners who shared with us their thoughts about the Artexpo experience.

  • Socrates Marquez, a 2014 [SOLO] Award Winner, came back this year and sold 12 pieces for a total of $19,100. His highest seller was a 76×56 piece for $8,500. Not only did Socrates say that he had a great show overall, with satisfying sales and interaction with the crowd, but he also felt particularly drawn to the [SYNERGY] Art Projects, going so far as to write the students an encouraging note and set the intention to participate in the project with the kids at next year’s show.
Socrates Marquez chatting with attendees at his booth.

Socrates Marquez chatting with attendees at his booth.

  • Masterworks Fine Art sold four pieces from their exhibited collection—which featured works ranging from $20,000–$150,000—including one of Chagall’s most iconic prints, Les Adolescents. Rodrigo Ubillus-Reyes of Masterworks shared, “Artexpo was a beautiful and professional show for attendees and trade. Most importantly, though, the Redwood Group staff are amazing! Very helpful and accommodating … they treated our gallery and our art with care every step of the way.”
The Artexpo crowd strolling by the Masterworks Fine Art booth.

The Artexpo crowd strolling by the Masterworks Fine Art booth.

  • Exhibitor Antonio Russo sold two pieces to a gallery in Miami for a total of $20,000.
Exhibitor Antonio Russo by his artwork.

Exhibitor Antonio Russo by his artwork.

  • Mattson’s Fine Art sold 15 pieces, by 7 of the gallery’s 11 artists represented at the show. The highest-selling piece was Garden Party, a painting by Dinah Cross James, for $11,500. Mattson’s also won an award for Best Multiple-Artist Exhibitor.
  • Winning the 25th Anniversary Recognition Award for exhibiting at Artexpo for 25 years was Studio Fine Art, who sold 7 pieces. Their highest seller was Corner of Beauty, a painting by Hessam Abrishami that garnered $19,000.
  • The Signature Gallery, which represented Poster Challenge winner Joëlle Blouin, sold 5 pieces totaling approximately $35,000, including Blouin’s winning original artwork, Without Hesitation, for $10,000. Gallery director Jessica Fry remarked, “Redwood is great to work with—you can tell they really have a heart for what they do.”
  • The Great Dane Collection sold 6 pieces for a whopping total of $146,000.
  • Several [SOLO] exhibitors came away from Artexpo with great success, including Richard Riverin, who sold 6 pieces for $45,000; Liliana Gorbachincky, who sold 5 mixed-media works for $96,000; and Daniel Marin, who sold 25 pieces for $30,000.
[SOLO] Award Winner Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat.

[SOLO] Award Winner Rajvi Dedhia Unadkat.

Make sure to check out even more inspiring exhibitor testimonials here!  Also, check out video highlights from each day of the show, as well as a post-show video wrapup, on our video page. And for more great photos of Artexpo New York 2015, visit our Flickr page.

AENY Media Coverage

Media surrounding Artexpo New York was abuzz, with the show covered in online and print publications such as ArtforbesWoman Around TownArt Business TodayPostureWhere New YorkIN New YorkNY ArtsCity Pulse, and Art Business News. We reached tens of thousands of fans from around the globe with up-to-the-minute news and event pics on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Thanks to all of our social media followers for your feedback and shares! Here’s a full media report on the show.

Caption: Exhibitors gathered for a breakfast seminar on the all-important opening day.

Exhibitors gathered for a breakfast seminar on the all-important opening day.

Looking Toward 2016
Following such a great weekend at Artexpo 2015, we can’t help but buzz with excitement for next year’s show! For information on attending or exhibiting at Artexpo New York 2016, check out our website.

We’ll leave you with a few more lasting images from the show… thanks again to all who participated, and we’ll see you next year!

Deljou Art Group

Attendees admire fine art from Deljou Art Group.

Sculpture by [SOLO] exhibitor Michael Alfano of Alfano Sculpture.

Sculpture by [SOLO] exhibitor Michael Alfano of Alfano Sculpture.

Artwork by Jeon Nak in Able Fine Art NY Gallery's [SOLO] booth.

Artwork by Jeon Nak in Able Fine Art NY Gallery’s [SOLO] booth.

Artwork in the Anna Art Publishing booth.

Artwork in the Anna Art Publishing booth.

The Smart Publishing booth at Artexpo.

The Smart Publishing booth at Artexpo.

A Plamen Yordanov sculpture display in Lounge 94.

A Plamen Yordanov sculpture display in Lounge 94.

Day 3 at Artexpo: A Bustling Saturday

The third day of Artexpo brought crowds of eager art-goers to Pier 94 to take in booth after booth of extraordinary artwork from all corners of the globe. Inspiring Meet the Artist events, live art demos, and a [SYNERGY] Art Project by students of Woodcliff Middle School added excitement to the day. Check out these video highlights!

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A very busy day.


Day 2 at Artexpo: A Fine-Art Friday

Friday at Artexpo New York welcomed thousands of attendees from all over the globe as they perused one-of-a-kind artwork and mingled with artists, gallery owners, art publishers, and other art aficionados. Highlights included inspiring Meet the Artist talks, Morris Hills High School’s [SYNERGY] Art Project, and Friday Night at Artexpo, a fab soirée with refreshing cocktails and socializing galore.

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The Morris Hills High School Synergy Project.


Day 1 at Artexpo: A First Look

Artexpo New York kicked off in full force yesterday as trade buyers came to seek out the latest artwork from over 400 exhibitors from around the world. Following a successful trade day was the VIP Opening Night Preview Party, featuring drinks from D’USSE and Emory Vodka; an appearance by the recently crowned Miss New York, Iman Oubou; a live dance-photo demo by Jordan Matter; and the unveiling of the Artexpo 2015 Poster Challenge Winner, Without Hesitation by Joëlle Blouin. Take a look!

A grand time was had by all—and it was just the beginning! An amazing array of art, education, and exciting events will be continuing throughout the weekend. Make your way to Pier 94 today for a day full of artistic inspiration and stay for Friday Night at Artexpo from 5–7 p.m., featuring even more cocktails, mingling, and entertainment.

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Poster Challenge Winner Joëlle Blouin with her winning piece.


RMG’S Linda Mariano with Joëlle Blouin.


Press at the American Hairong Cultural Development booths.


Attendees enjoying the Opening Night festivities.

Leaping Through the Lens: Jordan Matter Photography

This weekend at Artexpo, we’re excited to announce that Jordan Matter, the stunning dance photographer and author of New York Times bestseller Dancers Among Us, will be exhibiting.
Not only will Jordan be showing his vibrant, push-the-limits artwork at Booth S424, but he’ll also be there to sign books every day from 4–7 p.m. Want to see Jordan in motion? He’ll be doing a group shot with three ballerinas near his booth around 6 p.m. tonight as part of the VIP Opening Night Preview Party festivities.


Don’t miss this chance to meet Jordan and check out his fabulous photos! Grand jeté over to Booth S424 to get in on the action.

Follow Jordan on Facebook or Instagram.

Today’s the Big Day! Artexpo 2015 Begins

With the big event starting today at noon, you can imagine how busy the Artexpo team has been setting up the show at Pier 94 this week. Here’s a behind-the-scenes peek at all that goes into making Artexpo New York happen!


The entrance to Artexpo New York.


Setting up Peter Terrin’s exhibit, Booth #301.


Unpacking art for The Signature Gallery, Booth D.


Assembling the stage for the Topics & Trends seminars.


No detail goes unnoticed when setting up exhibitor booths.


Crate upon crate of exhibitor artwork await unpacking.

We’ll be keeping you posted on all the action at Artexpo over the weekend. Still need tickets? Purchase them here or simply pick them up when you arrive at Pier 94. Happy Opening Day!

Featured Artist: Diego Cappella

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, photographer Diego Cappella developed an early interest in art; his parents, also immersed in the artistic lifestyle, gave him a Kodak Instamatic X-35 when he was just five years old. He counts it as a blessing that his upbringing allowed him the freedom and space to develop his creativity.

Starting his career in Miami as a designer in the publishing industry, Cappella produced his own publication, DVOX Magazine, and soon branched out into the advertising world, earning numerous awards for his work. Yet photography remained his passion, and his experience in advertising allowed Cappella to nudge his photography more into focus. Just five years ago, he opened his own commercial photography studio in Miami, Cappella Photography.
Encompassing everything from crisp black-and-white cityscapes to blurred, atmospheric shots of polo matches, Cappella’s extensive portfolio shows that he captures life around him with a vivid, crystal-clear vision. Of his Fast Polo series (pictured here), Cappella notes, “The project is not intended only for lovers of this sport, but to a wider audience that can share thoughts from different perspectives … However, I want my work to be an invitation to get to know the singularities of the sport, even throughout its history and its origin, as it happens to ourselves towards the universe. We know something, we glimpse something, and it is extraordinary.”


You can see the work of Diego Cappella at Artexpo New York this weekend at the BlinkGroup Fine Art Gallery Booth #209. For more info, check out his website here.

Synergy Art Projects at AENY

Synergy: [si-nər-jē], noun. Definition: The interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements, contributions, etc.


Artexpo New York is excited to be hosting two [SYNERGY] Art Projects this year as part of our Topics & Trends Education and Events Series. Two New Jersey schools will be involved in this project, Woodcliff Middle School and Morris Hills High School.

On Friday, April 24, from 12:30–3:30 p.m., watch as the students from Morris Hills High School, coached by several talented Artexpo artists, create their [SYNERGY] Art Project masterpiece. Morris Hills stresses the importance of art as a critical subject for students throughout their high school years, because engagement in an arts classroom—aside from providing creative enrichment—teaches students how to be good workers and responsible people. For the [SYNERGY] Project, a group of 36 multimedia art students have devised their artwork theme and will complete it at Artexpo.

On Saturday, April 25, from 11 a.m.–2 p.m., students from Woodcliff Middle School, coached by several talented Artexpo artists, will create their [SYNERGY] Art Project masterpiece. The Art After Hours program at Woodcliff, under the direction of Shawn McCabe, strives to provide students in grades six through eight with a rigorous, individualized, and enjoyable creative experience outside of the regular school day. Students are invited to participate in a process that is driven entirely by the individual student. For the [SYNERGY] Project, the students have devised their artwork theme and will make it come alive at Artexpo.

As Art After Hours Director Shawn McCabe explains, “Ultimately, those students who excel in this program demonstrate exceptional enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism, and independence, along with a willingness to challenge traditional rules about art making.”

Please come by and watch as these amazing art pieces unfold!

Update: Check out these photos from the [SYNERGY] Art Projects at the show. We’ll keep adding more as they roll in!”

View our complete Education and Events Schedule here >

Featured Artist: Peter Layton

Regarded as the “grand old man of glass,” British glass artist Peter Layton is one of the world’s most widely respected artists in the medium. Layton has inspired and influenced countless present-day glassmakers with his creation-before-commercialism attitude, his exquisite use of color and organic texture, and the sculptural quality of his work.


Wheatfield by Peter Layton

“Glass is such an underrated medium,” remarks Layton, with “a fluidity and uncertainty which I choose to embrace rather than overcome.” Still quite active in his mid-70s, Layton looks forward to continuing to explore and create, explaining that “there are always new ideas, techniques, and other challenges to master.”


Nautilus Dropper by Peter Layton

Inspired by whatever is around him, whether it be concrete patterns in nature or abstract concepts facing society, Layton shapes his observations into gorgeous glass pieces, which have graced the collections of such luminaries as Elton John and the Duchess of Kent and can be found in museums, galleries, and exhibitions across Europe and America.


Paradiso by Peter Layton

Make sure to see Peter Layton’s work at the Mattson’s Fine Art Booth #263 at Artexpo New York 2015. For more on Layton, visit his glass studio website here.


Peter Layton working in the studio

2015 Poster Challenge Winner


The winner of this year’s Artexpo New York Poster Challenge is Joëlle Blouin, for her piece Without Hesitation. This year’s contest, themed “Passageways,” garnered over 300 entries. After our judges whittled it down to 10 finalists, the judging went to the public, as the finalists competed for votes on Facebook to secure the win. Here are the other nine finalists—a big congratulations to all! Make sure to look for the Poster Challenge finalists’ display in the 2015 Artexpo Show Lounge!


Joëlle Blouin – Without Hesitation

The first 1,000 ticket holders to Artexpo New York will get a free poster!

Here are the other nine finalists—a big congratulations to all! Make sure to look for the Poster Challenge finalists’ display in the 2015 Artexpo Show Lounge!

  • The Fantasy Passage by Maria Fernanda Lairet
  • Manhattanhenge Passageway, NYC by Tibi Hegyesi
  • Out of Nowhere by Manss Aval
  • Wheat Field, The Ways of Life by Samir Sammoun
  • Mind The Gap by Karin Lowney-Seed
  • Serenity Lane by Cristina Zorrilla Speer
  • Dogma by Thomas Dodd
  • Transfer by Jeff Bye
  • Life in the Fast Lane… 42nd Street by Linda Tucker