Seminars for Industry Professionals


Are you a gallery owner or other art industry professional attending AENY15? If you are planning your weekend and wondering what seminars to attend… Here are our picks of seminars aimed at industry professionals, to help you get the most out of the show.



You’re the Designer! Making Good Framing Choices

Thursday, April 23 from 1pm-2pm | Michael Pacitti

What makes for good framing design? Generally speaking, a beautifully framed piece is part of the decor of a room; therefore, it needs to be designed with the intent of making it an integral part of the room. Creating a well-designed custom frame entails combining components and products to create a design that suits the client’s decor, rather than just assembling parts.

Events! Events! Events! Bringing New Art Buyers to Your Gallery or Studio

Thursday, April 23 from 2:30pm-3:30pm | Litsa Spanos

In a time when galleries are running leaner, it’s critical to find new ways to get existing and new customers to buy art. In this session, Litsa Spanos of Art Design Consultants (ADC) will share low-cost event ideas she has used to energize and renew her award-winning gallery. These inspiring and unique gallery experiences can ultimately help you increase your customer base and revenue.


Go Big! Strategies to Sell Art and Framing Services

Friday, April 24 from 2pm-3pm | Litsa Spanos

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get banks, hospitals, corporations, and the designers who work on these projects to buy art from you? Litsa Spanos, President of Art Design Consultants (ADC), will share proven methods that have helped her land numerous small- to large-scale accounts throughout her 20 years in the business. You’ll leave her seminar with great ideas that you can implement immediately.

Art Talks: Learn Success Secrets from Three Amazing Artists

Friday, April 24 from 3:30pm-4:30pm | Panel Leader: Linda Mariano Panel: Alexis Silk, Lisabeth Sterling, and James Wilbat

In just five key questions, we’ll uncover the strategies and secrets behind the successful careers of three artists: Alexis Silk, Lisabeth Sterling, and James Wilbat of Mattson’s Fine Art. From discussing when they realized art was going to be their career to recalling their first piece sold and why was it memorable, we’ll probe into the pasts of these artists to see what they have done in their careers that made a difference, as well as explore their present-day career strategies and goals for the future. Don’t miss this opportunity to incorporate these successful artists’ business approaches and tactics into your own art business.



Hoops & Pitfalls: Need-to-Know Legal Details for the Art Business

Saturday, April 25th from 2pm-3pm | Jay Landrum and Linda Mariano

Be art-industry savvy! Learn the five must-knows for anyone in the art industry. From copyrights to art publishing, limited editions, and certificates of authenticity—what are they and how do they impact your business? Come to this seminar to find out the critical details.

Insuring and Appraising Your Art

Saturday, April 25th from 5pm-6pm | William Fleischer and Jennifer Garland Ross

Step back and think about the various stages a work of art goes through—then think about what is needed to value and insure the art. With all the locations to which your art can travel, insuring artwork is of utmost importance to all that create, exhibit, and collect. William Fleischer will give an overview of the many options of art insurance and factors that need to be considered in order to treasure and protect those most valuable pieces. And, of course, determining the value of an artwork is key. Jennifer Garland Ross, the founder and managing director of Art Peritus, LLC, an art advisory and appraisal consortium, will share insights on the evaluation and appraisal of artwork.



Gallery Marketing That Won’t Break the Bank

Sunday, April 26th from 10:30am-11:30am | Litsa Spanos

Generate sales, increase awareness, and brand your business as the premier destination for art and framing. Litsa Spanos, President of Art Design Consultants (ACD), will share creative marketing ideas that can take your art gallery to the next level. She’ll share the many innovative techniques that landed her the highly coveted “Excellence in Marketing” award by Art Business News. If you want new, fresh, effective, and low-cost ideas to boost your business, this is the perfect seminar for you.

Your Top 10 Checklist for Understanding Art Licensing

Sunday, April 26th from 12pm-1pm | Linda Mariano and Jay Landrum

To license or not to license—is that your question? Whether you are an artist, agent, publisher, manufacturer, or gallery owner, what’s the potential impact of art licensing on your business as a whole? How do you decide if licensing is right for you? In this seminar we’ll cover where to begin in today’s fast-paced licensing world.


For a complete list of seminars click here.

Featured Artist: Leda Maria’s Show de Bola

Brazilian artist Leda Maria is at the helm of the socio-cultural project known as Show de Bola that aims to illustrate world cultures through art. Since the show’s debut in 2010 in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leda Maria has presented it at other art shows such as SPECTRUM Miami, and is excited to bring it to Artexpo New York this year.


Saíra Kleinhans

Each Show de Bola features different artists from around the world with artwork in seven hexagonal paintings to reflect the beauty of their country through their art. The hexagons are placed together in a circular format to symbolize the globe. “A primary focus of the project is a tribute to the creators,” explains Leda Maria, “and this is an opportunity for artists of all ages and different backgrounds to express their talent, their technique, their world view, and also the love of their own country.” She calls Show de Bola an “ode to freedom of expression.”


Linda de Sousa

Beyond conceptualizing and creating Show de Bola, Leda Maria is an accomplished visual artist in her own right, working in watercolors, oils, acrylics, mixed media, and encaustic. She’s studied in Brazil, Italy, and New York, and holds a BFA as well as an MFA in Art History. Leda Maria’s passion and breadth of talent in various techniques infuse her artwork with vibrancy and vitality, and the same qualities carry over into her wildly creative imaginings that brought Show de Bola to fruition.


Juh Leidl

Make sure to see Leda Maria’s Show de Bola—featuring over 30 different artists—at Artexpo this year in Booth 439. For more info on Show de Bola, click here.


Ruth Stirnimann

Featured Artist: Anna Razumovskaya

Known for painting romantic female figures enraptured by music, bathed in light, or simply steeping in their own divine essence, Anna Razumovskaya translates her passion for life and inherent sensuality into artwork that exudes the same.

Garnet Melody by Anna Razumovskaya

Garnet Melody by Anna Razumovskaya

Though she was born in Russia at the height of the Cold War, Anna grew up with an early love of fashion and glamour, thanks in part to her chic mother (her father was a formal officer of the KGB). “I always wanted to be a clothing designer, to create beauty through clothes,” Anna explains, “but this led me to the canvas, where it is possible to both create and capture the beauty and texture of fabric on the human body.”

Bond by Anna Razumovskaya

Bond by Anna Razumovskaya

After graduating from the Russian State University of the Arts with a High Class Artist distinction, Anna traveled to Europe, furthering her painting studies by attending classes and taking private lessons in Holland, Belgium, and Germany. But it was in Toronto, Canada, that Anna eventually found her home. She diligently attended to her craft every day, even when feeling uninspired, building up from small landscapes or still-life paintings to larger works requiring the use of models, instruments, and striking gowns. Success found Anna as she blissfully worked in her lofty, colorful studio, and soon her artwork was in high demand.


Burlesque by Anna Razumovskaya

Anna explains, “I’m so lucky to do what I do for a living, and I am thankful every day that my paintings can bring people happiness, and I can make a living doing this. I will never retire, I feel I have to keep working for the people who enjoy my art. It is the love of my life.” Anna has had personal exhibitions across Europe and North America, and her artwork graces private collections in the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Make sure to look for Anna Art Publishing’s Booth #207 at Artexpo New York this year! For more on Anna, visit the Anna Art Publishing website. 

Featured Artist: Carmen Stiffelman

With just one look at Carmen Stiffelman’s work, you know that she is intimately familiar with the strength and grace of the human body. Crafting lifelike yet otherworldly figures with bronze, Stiffelman offers a testament to the human spirit with each sculpture.


Carmen Stiffelman – Gemini

Born in Romania, Stiffelman moved with her family to Israel when she was just three years old. There, she reveled in her desert surroundings—sun, sand, exotic music, and all—and began to channel her creative energy into making things. Painting, designing jewelry, and creating floral arrangements offered Stiffelman an artistic outlet as a young woman.


Carmen Stiffelman – SPF1000

Stiffelman later found her artistic side reawakened after working with a physical therapist while she was living in California. The anatomical aspect of physical therapy—the manipulation of muscle and bone, the inner workings of the body’s structural systems—appealed to Stiffelman, and her curiosity spurred a return to the studio. Her manipulation of bronze gives a nod to ancient Greek sculpture yet has a decidedly contemporary feel.


Carmen Stiffelman – Second Genesis

Expressing her inner intelligence the way she knows how, kinesthetically, Stiffelman has created a dynamic collection over the past several years, featuring sleek, strong figures in motion; evocative busts; and sweeping waves. To view Stiffelman’s work is, simply, to be moved by the power of the human form.

Look for Carmen Stiffelman at Artexpo New York, Booth #268.

For more information visit her website here. >

Featured Artist: Leon Oks

Inspired by his bittersweet Ukrainian childhood, the strength and beauty of the feminine form, and the sweeping simplicity of nature, Leon Oks’s paintings take his viewers on a journey of the human spirit. “It is important that my audience in a very simple way draw satisfaction and pure pleasure when looking at and living with my work,” Oks explains. “This is the power of art: to overcome the problems and realities of everyday life and offer a hopeful view.”

Leon Oks - Dream

Leon Oks – Dream

Born in Ukraine, Oks was raised by his mother and grandmother after WWII took the life of his father when Oks was just two years old. They moved constantly, seeking safe, unoccupied areas that eventually would become unsafe themselves. Beyond the hardship and instability of his life as a youth, however, Oks discovered the joy of creating art. “I spent each evening in our tiny kitchen, looking at the reproductions in the few art books my family owned,” Oks relates. “My local art museum also served as a sort of informal school which acquainted my eye with the beauty of oil on canvas. I was also drawn to create studies from nature and spent many days walking through the nearby woods, parks, and streets observing the awesome beauty and grandeur that surrounded my town.” He was captivated not only by the beauty of his natural surroundings, but also by that of the female body, which is evident in his lush, lyrical, female-centric work.

Leon Oks - Party Girls

Leon Oks – Party Girls

Filled with sensual shapes, warm tones, fluid brush strokes, and evocative images, Oks’s oil paintings reflect his leap into a freer way of expressing himself in 1980 when he immigrated to the United States from Soviet-controlled Ukraine. The conservative professors of his early days looked down on Oks’s unique style, but his work flourished when he moved to the U.S. And now, as a teacher in Illinois, Oks passes along the importance of that creative freedom to his students. “As an art instructor, I tell my students to develop their own individuality. Admire the masters, but you must have your own style,” he says.

Leon Oks - Reunion

Leon Oks – Reunion

Oks has won numerous awards for his artwork, which can be found in private collections, corporations, and museums across the U.S. and Europe. Make sure to look for him at Artexpo New York in the [SOLO] section, Booth S501.

Check out Leon’s website here!

Featured Artist: John Napoli

When thinking of an artist’s workspace, what typically comes to mind is a studio—whether it be a spacious industrial loft or a well-lit room in the corner of a cottage. But a treehouse? That’s a new one.

Not for John Napoli, who designed and built his treehouse studio, dubbed “La Tour Chaleureux et Accueillant de la Lumière,” over 10 years ago. Longing for a studio space in which he could break free from stifling artificial lighting and maximize the use of natural sunlight, Napoli built his creative space 30 feet off the ground, with a west-facing panoramic window to capture the sunset every night.


John Napoli’s treehouse studio, La Tour Chaleureux et Accueillant de la Lumière.

“My intention was to find a way to capture experiences in nature real-time,” Napoli explains, “the impact of changing light on the landscape, the continuously changing skies, the look of the world around. I was driven to capture the essence of the unfolding of creation in nature.” And capture it he does, in bold oil paintings and oil pastel/colored pencil drawings that burst with movement and energy. Working fluidly between both mediums, he stretches the boundaries of each, creating painting-like drawings as well as intricate oil paintings with a tangible sense of structure, rhythm, and flow.

John Napoli08

Extremely Coveted by John Napoli.

A lifelong artist, Napoli has been drawing since childhood and painting since he was a teenager. He attended New York’s Parsons The New School for Design and California Institute of the Arts, and received his BFA from Mason Gross School of the Arts, the arts conservatory at Rutgers University in New Jersey. Ever since graduating, he’s been pursuing his career as an independent artist in order to explore and develop his own creative vision.

Switching to working solely in his treehouse year-round “has had a profound impact on my work, affecting my inspiration, composition, palette and style,” Napoli says. At last, the subject that inspires him most—nature and its ever-changing forms—literally surrounds him from dawn until late evening, allowing him to capture the vivid colors, picturesque beauty, and continuously changing light he sees right in front of him onto the canvas.

John Napoli06

Sentinels by John Napoli.

Having never before exhibited his work during his more-than-25-year career, Napoli is excited to share his art publicly for the first time at Artexpo New York 2015. He’ll be at [SOLO] booth S318, just off the SOLO Lounge. Make sure to give him a warm welcome!

For more on John Napoli, visit his website.

John Napoli07

John Napoli working in his treehouse studio.

Featured Artist: Zingaro

Massachusetts-born artist Zingaro, represented by Colorado gallery Art on a Whim, is considered the modern master of vitreous enamel, an ancient medium that has been passed down through the generations. This rare technique involves fusing glass to metal with high heat, creating not only a uniquely beautiful finished material, but also one that is resistant to scratches, chemicals, and fire.


Space by Zingaro

Born in 1954 to first-generation Portuguese and French-Canadian immigrants, Zingaro began his formal art training at age 11. Over the next few decades, he put his talents to use across America as a painter, commercial mural artist, gallery owner, and photography assistant, eventually earning a fine arts degree from Stockton College in 1995 and settling in New Mexico to paint and create in a variety of mediums at his studio.


Zozobra by Zingaro

While Zingaro’s early body of work consisted mainly of acrylic paintings on canvas and metal sculptures created from found objects, his more recent work has revolved around vitreous enamel pieces featuring fused glass on copper—in fact,  over 500 of his nearly 1,000 original works to date are vitreous enamel.

Tequila Twilight

Tequila Twilight by Zingaro

His work is featured in collections all over the world, including in institutions like New York’s National Dance Institute and in the private collections of Denzel Washington and Kelly Clarkson. We look forward to sharing Zingaro’s gorgeous work with you this April at Artexpo New York 2015—look for Art on a Whim’s booth!

Visit Art on a Whim online here >

Record Sales, Attendees & Exhibitor Success at Our 36th Artexpo! Show Highlights

Artexpo New York 2014

Attendees peruse the Liquid Art System booth at Artexpo New York 2014.

We’d like to extend a very warm thank you to everyone who participated in our 36th annual Artexpo New York. It was a tremendous success on all fronts, and we couldn’t have done it without our talented exhibitors, our enthusiastic attendees, our generous sponsors and everyone who helped to make this our best Artexpo yet!

Artexpo New York 2014

Sam Talbot-Kelly’s “The Blood Queen,” from her “Open, Sesame” series.

Top Sales & Success Stories
As always, we were thrilled to hear that exhibitors made great connections and closed big sales. Several established artists and galleries reported record show sales this year! And emerging artists stepped into the spotlight to forge new connections with buyers, collectors and gallery owners. Here are a few of our favorite success stories: (Don’t see yours here? Write a comment below, or email us at so we can share it.)

2014 [SOLO] Award — Drew Doggett Photography

[SOLO] Award-Winner Drew Doggett with Linda Mariano.

Art Design Consultants (ADC) sold 43 pieces in just the first day and 68 pieces total during the show ($1,000 – 4,000 range). Litsa Spanos, president of ADC said, “Best first day ever at Artexpo! This is my 4th year and I’m just amazed at the traffic and response this year!”

Artexpo New York 2014

Irina Gretchanaia’s majestic florals at Artexpo New York 2014.

Irina Gretchanaia sold a 20×20 piece, “Lemons,” for $3,800; a square 40×40 piece, “Poppy I,” for $6,500; and a 60×60 piece, “White Poppy,” for $8,000.

Kathleen Carrillo

Kathleen Carrillo doing a painting demonstration at Artexpo New York 2014.

Kathleen Carrillo sold a 48×60 piece for $6,500. She also painted, completed and sold a 36×48 painting, “Tuscany Whimsy,” for $4,500 during the course of the show. It was picked up by Canapo Gallery, which now has 16 of her pieces on display.

Nazarov Art sold “Spirit of NYC” by Vladimir Nazarov for $60,000 and “Faces #3″ for $40,000. “Se Souvenir” by Christian Vey sold for $38,000. They also had success with Limited edition print sales, taking over two dozen orders. Additionally they are in process of negotiating a sales agreement with a major real estate company. Vladimir Nazarov would also like to thank the staff of Art Expo for the beautiful show they put together – the professional atmosphere was one of the important factors that led to his sales success.

Socrates Marquez sold 14 pieces during the show and two pieces after the show. New Gallery in Soho also picked up a piece for its showroom. Sales ranged from $1,000 – 8,000. Marquez added, “The interest has been overwhelming. I am getting emails from collectors who visited my booth and are now looking for additional pieces. Two years ago I came in as the underdog and now, thanks to Artexpo, people actually recognize my name and my artwork.”

Lyrical Fine Art sold three Daniel Del Orfano pieces, and two galleries purchased pieces in the $2,000 – 6,000 range.

Woody Slaymaker, CEO of Slaymaker Fine Art said, “Even though it’s only a three-day show this year, we made our goal easily. We had a terrific first day!”

[SOLO] Exhibitor Seth Apter sold nine pieces for $495 each.

Mary Johnston sold 24 2’x2′ pieces, one larger work and 11 of her 12×12 squares. She also placed a collection with Expressive Living Art & Accessories in Wantagh, NY and placed a grouping of 24×24 pieces on panel for QArt.

• First-time Artexpo exhibitor Mattson’s Fine Art sold 17 pieces and has purchases from four galleries pending. Their top seller was Alexis Silk, who sold eight pieces that include two large sculpted torsos.

Peter W. Hart Gallery of Montreal sold 13 pieces during the show. Their signature piece, “Field of Dreams,” sold for $3,800.

• Another first-time Artexpo exhibitor, Garsot, reported sales of five important pieces and worldwide contacts established via interaction with media from China, the Middle East and local and national outlets. Works sold include: “Flowers For You,” “Coral Reef, ” “Ocean Sunset,” “Sunny Moonlight” and “Kiss Me Tonight.” Prices ranged from $25,000-250,000.

Richard Riverin sold seven paintings and was approached by Artblend to do business in Fort Lauderdale on a consignment basis.

• In his first-ever exhibition as an artist, Alex Nero said he was “overwhelmed with the engagement and response. People noted that they have never seen any work similar to mine. I feel accomplished.” He currently has two sales of 40”x40”pieces pending with customers in NY for $4,500 each.

Tanner Lawley — Best New Exhibitor

Artexpo award-winner Tanner Lawley (right) in his booth with Linda Mariano.

Tanner Lawley commented: “This is by far a highlight in my short, six-year career.” During the show, he sold two pieces and sold two pieces after the show from Artexpo leads. He was also asked to develop a commission for a collector for $5,000 – 7,000.

Brad Robertson sold out of his 12”x12”pieces for $300 each, sold two 48×60 pieces for $4,800 each and made several new contacts for possible commissions.

• Elizabeth Pinkhasov from The Metropolitan Art Museum estimated the exhibition by Palais Royal Gallery (Moscow) as one of the best in ArtExpo New York 2014.

Louise Cutler Fine Art Studio sold “The Giver III” for $3,800 to a couple that she originally met last year. She added, “They came back to buy a piece from me specifically! I was very honored!”

DECOR Expo Showcase’s Big Debut
This year’s show also marked the welcomed return of DECOR Expo Showcase. Exhibitors and trade buyers were pleased to see a framing show take place on the East Coast again, and an overwhelming majority of exhibitors made plans to return to DECOR Expo Showcase next year.

DECOR Expo Showcase

The beautiful My Moulding booth in DECOR Expo Showcase, alongside Artexpo New York and [SOLO].

Media Buzz

Artexpo New York got a lot of attention in the media this year in publications and media including Long Island Pulse, Examiner, Posture, WHERE, New York Magazine, Woman Around Town, NY1, Art World News and Art Business News, to name a few. Our social media stats were also hopping! Twitter was on fire with #ArtexpoNY comments and praise, and our Facebook fans had lots of great things to say, too. Thank you all for the wonderful feedback!

Artexpo New York 2014

Artexpo Poster Challenge winner Alberto Bahamon and Nicole Kasak with Carlos’ award-winning “Times Square”. Carlos is represented by Canapo Art Gallery.

Events, Giveaways & Other Surprises
The weekend was jam-packed with exceptional events, seminars, guest appearances and giveaways. Here are a few more highlights from the show:

David Bromstad — Artexpo New York 2014

Artist and HGTV Celebrity Designer David Bromstad (right) in the Penny Lane Publishing booth with Zach Jones, owner of Penny Lane Publishing.

• More than 3,000 art giveaways courtesy of QArt
• Aaron Poritz Furniture VIP lounge
• Trends & Topics education series
• “Splash of Color” seminar and meet and greet with HGTV’s David Bromstad

• Opening night party with complimentary Belaya Rus vodka cocktails, KIND snacks and Vita Coco
• Exhibition and LIVE photo shoot by Jordan Matter, photographer and New York Times bestselling author
• Official Artexpo New York poster contest and winner unveiling. The contest theme was “New York.”
• Guided Art Tours
• Artist unveilings and painting demonstrations
• Touch Galleries presented award-winning Nelson Mandela Collection
• A range of international artists represented, including: Bejing Caiyuxan Gallery, from Bejing, China; Galleria Quorum, from Madrid, Spain; Palais Royal Gallerie, from Moscow, Russia; Canapo Art Gallery, which exhibits a collection of Latin-American masters and artists; Square Gallery, from Positano, Italy, and more.

And did you catch photographer and exhibitor Jordan Matter doing a photo shoot with dancers and circus performers? That was a blast!

Jordan Matter's photo shoot at Artexpo New York 2014.

Videographer Bill Crumlic was on hand and captured some excellent footage of the show. Have a look:

Once again, we’d like to thank everyone for being a part of Artexpo New York 2014! We’ll be back again at Pier 94 next year from April 23-26 for a four-day show with a trade-only opening day. See you there? For registration information, please visit the EXHIBIT section of our website.

2013 Show Photos & Highlights

Artexpo New York 2013’s sold-out show was a tremendous hit with exhibitors and attendees alike! Art sales were high this year, show traffic was up by 25%, Trade attendance was up 21%, and 91% of polled attendees said they enjoyed the event.

Here are just a few photos from the big weekend in NYC. (For those of you who attended Artexpo, you might see some familiar faces! Feel free to share on your website, blog or social media pages.)

Artexpo New York

Tons of attendees came out to see this year’s array of art at Artexpo.

Joan Konkel - Booth 1234

Joan Konkel – Booth 1234

Tibi Hegyesi

Tibi Hegyesi’s booth.

View full 2013 Photo Gallery

What Artists Said About the Show

It was a wild ride! Everything was in hyperdrive. The rush of people entering the exhibit the first night, the yellow cabs dotting the standstill traffic, watching a conceptual Broadway show. This was our ninth year exhibiting at Artexpo New York. And I am happy to announce that the show was a complete success. We sold all the pieces featured at the exhibition!
—Anna Razumovskaya
ANNA ART Publishing

Great show, good sales! I wish I’d brought more of my larger paintings—they all sold. I sold 9 pieces overall. I was surprised at the number of buyers, but I had no more works left after Saturday.
—Peter Colbert

Balancing Sculptures - Jerzy Kedziora

Balancing Sculptures – Jerzy Kedziora

What Attendees Had to Say

I attended a good number of the presentations and panels, and I found the information invaluable. I am busily disseminating my newfound knowledge—and often just the important facts I needed to be reminded of—to my employees. I also feel the quality and quantity of the artwork on exhibit was right on. Something for everyone. I made a number of purchases and eagerly await their arrivals.
—Carla Hamilton
Four Corners Gallery

The presentation was very nice this year and the show seemed to have a certain spark to it. The range of art was diverse—there were many unique, independent artists in addition to the publishers, and that was something I enjoyed. I understand you’re going to move the show over to Pier 94 next year, and I think that will make it even better for 2014.
Gunnar Nordstrom
Gunnar Nordstrom Gallery

DAGE - Artexpo New York 2013

Dage and her sensual creations.

Moving to Pier 94 in 2014:
Three Shows in One!

As Gunnar mentioned in his quote above, we will be moving to Pier 94 next year to accommodate the growth of the show. Our 2014 event will feature three shows in one:
• Artexpo New York, our original, juried fine art fair featuring top publishers and gallery owners
• [SOLO], a highly competitive fair for independent artists
• DECOR Expo, a trade-only event featuring top trends and products for the fine art and framing industry

Our 2014 event will feature wider aisles, with even more room to showcase artists’ works. We also have exciting plans already in the works for live entertainment and new Topics & Trends seminars. To be a part of it all, submit your application to exhibit by June 1st and we’ll offer you 2013 prices on your booth space. Better yet: pay in full and you’ll save 5%.

See you at next year’s show!

Artexpo New York

Thanks for coming, and see you in 2014…

Artist Sandra Iafrate Blooms in the U.S. at Artexpo

Sandra Iafrate
Booth #365 Artexpo

Abundance by Sandra Lafrate

Canadian resident Sandra Iafrate is making her US her debut with a big, bold statement at Artexpo! For her first year at the show, she’s showcasing bursting bouquets of vibrant florals painted on massive linen supports in her “Abundance” series.

Having moved to Virginia from Toronto last year, Iafrate says she was very excited to be showing her work in the U.S. and has been working with concept designs she planned several years ago.

“I love to get an oversized piece of canvas and tape it to the wall and just go,” says Iafrate, who says Abundance was inspired by her days as a student in the 1980s living near a boisterous flower market in East London.

“I can only describe the atmosphere on a Sunday morning as beautiful chaos: vendors shouting, colors and aromas all whirling about your head as you make your way through.”

The mix and mingle in Abundance is a great intro to spring in the 76” x 108” major piece, and two long pieces measuring 76”x34” each. With its sheer size, you can’t help but stop and smell the roses.

“I’m a big fan of bringing the outdoors in, especially in the city,” says Iafrate. Having lived in Toronto for 8 years, she said she has painted mostly nature, floral and foliage as the city folk want to bring in some gardens that they don’t have to water.

In addition, Iafrate is showing contrasting abstracts in a series of five paintings, which are reminiscent of waterfalls. A dramatic contrast of several values hued in pthalo blue with a textured vertical ‘fall’ in white. This series entitled, Tunya (The Smoke That Thunders), which is the translation of the name of the mystic and strong wonder of the World, Victoria Falls. She recently visited the Falls in Zimbabwe, saying that the movement, power and noise from the rush of white water was exhilarating enough to help create this as an abstraction upon her return.

For more information, please visit
Artexpo Booth #365