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AENY 2015 – Meet the Artists Events

Tweet Get up close and personal with the world-renowned artists exhibiting at the show via our Meet the Artist series. This exciting series offers you the chance to learn from some of the artists directly about their artistic journey and creative process, as well as ask them questions and perhaps even see them perform a […]

Featured Artist: Alexis Silk

Tweet Visceral. Provocative. Multifaceted. These are just a few of the myriad observations one could make about Alexis Silk’s work. Working with molten glass, Silk creates sculpted figures that evoke a host of strong and perhaps conflicting feelings as they offer commentary on not just the human form, but also human nature in general, including […]

Featured Artist: Leda Maria’s Show de Bola

Tweet Brazilian artist Leda Maria is at the helm of the socio-cultural project known as Show de Bola that aims to illustrate world cultures through art. Since the show’s debut in 2010 in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Leda Maria has presented it at other art shows such as SPECTRUM Miami, and is […]

Featured Artist: Anna Razumovskaya

Tweet Known for painting romantic female figures enraptured by music, bathed in light, or simply steeping in their own divine essence, Anna Razumovskaya translates her passion for life and inherent sensuality into artwork that exudes the same. Though she was born in Russia at the height of the Cold War, Anna grew up with an […]

Featured Artist: Carmen Stiffelman

Tweet With just one look at Carmen Stiffelman’s work, you know that she is intimately familiar with the strength and grace of the human body. Crafting lifelike yet otherworldly figures with bronze, Stiffelman offers a testament to the human spirit with each sculpture. Born in Romania, Stiffelman moved with her family to Israel when she […]

Featured Artist: Leon Oks

Tweet Inspired by his bittersweet Ukrainian childhood, the strength and beauty of the feminine form, and the sweeping simplicity of nature, Leon Oks’s paintings take his viewers on a journey of the human spirit. “It is important that my audience in a very simple way draw satisfaction and pure pleasure when looking at and living […]

Featured Artist: John Napoli

Tweet When thinking of an artist’s workspace, what typically comes to mind is a studio—whether it be a spacious industrial loft or a well-lit room in the corner of a cottage. But a treehouse? That’s a new one. Not for John Napoli, who designed and built his treehouse studio, dubbed “La Tour Chaleureux et Accueillant […]

Featured Artist: Zingaro

Tweet Massachusetts-born artist Zingaro, represented by Colorado gallery Art on a Whim, is considered the modern master of vitreous enamel, an ancient medium that has been passed down through the generations. This rare technique involves fusing glass to metal with high heat, creating not only a uniquely beautiful finished material, but also one that is […]

Artist Sandra Iafrate Blooms in the U.S. at Artexpo

Discover extraordinary art by artists like Sandra Iafrate.

Artwork of the Day: New York Cityscapes, Tibi Hegyesi

Today’s Artwork of the Day is “NYC-114,” a 40″x40″ oil painting by Tibi Hegyesi.