AENY Spotlight Program

2017 Spotlight Artists

PAUL BRANDEJS | Booth F335 | Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Paul Brandejs is an abstract artist who works with acrylic and photography on sculpted canvas. By applying a variety of acrylic techniques to photographic imagery, Brandejs combines the best of each medium—the precision of digital photography with the unpredictability and fluidity of paint. By exploring his photographic imagery, he isolates the abstract that exists in nature, then shapes and textures the canvas to serve as a catalyst for a limitless expression of his creativity. By combining multiple components into one cohesive piece, he adds dimension to create a new art form.

Reflecting on his art, Brandejs shares, “My inspiration can come from anywhere. I have been intrigued by the moon and the night sky or the fluid motion of water. Or how the shadows fall to create intriguing shapes in the narrow streets of Florence. I look through the lens of a camera for the abstract in nature. And then I am amazed at their transformation into a new piece of art.”

Paul Brandejs
Paul Brandejs | New York Christmas

DWIGHT BAIRD | Booth S413 | Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Dwight Baird has been painting for over 35 years, evolving from watercolors to acrylics. Today, he paints in a contemporary realism style, combining large, big-brush impressionist strokes and subtle squares juxtaposed with highly defined focal points. His subjects are in constant evolution as he discovers new places and techniques. Baird’s most recent series of works—not just paintings, but also a collection of historical documents—depict the daily struggle in Cuba, a country anchored in the past yet on the verge of dramatic change.

Baird finds beauty where most people would never dream of looking—winding backstreets, narrow alleys, darkened doorways—bringing each painting in the collection alive with nuance and history. Based on four elements, light, color, dynamic composition, and unique subject matter, the sadness, joy, hope, and despair of humanity within a social context are all visible in Baird’s works.

Dwight Baird
Dwight Baird | The Cuba Collection

VLAD KOROL | Booth F573 | Paris, France

Vlad Korol’s passion for photography and image development began in 1979, when his father presented him with a Smena-8 camera. He developed his first collection in 1988, showcasing the armed conflicts in Southern Africa, with a focus on Angola. The collection was black and white and featured young tribal soldiers in Cunene and Huambo. Since then, his focus has shifted to capturing the natural world in bloom.

Through his first multi-part collection called “Flora Criogenica,” Korol exposes hues and tones never before produced as a result of unique development techniques. Korol continues to focus his efforts on refining his process of cryogenically freezing subjects in order to expose and control pure color and form, while allowing this personally constructed palette to evolve through new visual applications and concepts.

Vlad Korol
Vlad Korol

JUNAID SÉNÉCHAL-SENEKAL | Booth S605 | Knysha, Garden Route, South Africa

Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal is an outstanding artist who creates emotion and awareness with dancing figures, abstract subjects, beloved wild African animals and landscapes, and architectural structures. Exquisitely inventive in graphic technique and color theory, he’s had the success of having his own gallery in Franschhoek and is opening a second one in Knysna, South Africa.

Sénéchal-Senekal’s paintings use acrylic and mixed media on wooden board, with large areas of negative white space around his objects, creating an indescribable emotion. Using mostly warmer hues, Sénéchal-Senekal’s paintings feature
contrasted line and brushwork—rough, large, and abstract brush and finger strokes contrasting with perfect and realistic brushwork.

Painting in a wide variety of genres and subjects, Sénéchal-Senekal incorporates his secret silver technique of layering and embossing heavy textures to make his artwork truly distinctive, catching light in the most spectacular ways. Combined with his limited color palette and expressive brushwork, each composition is a expression of movement and tension.

Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal
Junaid Sénéchal-Senekal | Wildlife Elephant Portrait nr. 53

DIANE FONTAINE | Booth S221 | Gatineau, Quebec, Canada

In the sandbox was where Diane Fontaine made her first works of art. At nine years old, she created her first oil painting and began to invent her own characters. After working as an illustrator and exploring different forms of art, including oil, pastel, watercolor, and mixed media, she also developed her talent in portraiture.

In 2004, Fontaine discovered a passion for acrylic and its possibilities, and concentrated her efforts on mixed-media techniques. Inspired by the human body, portraits of multicultural women, and horses, Fontaine explores emotions, depth, and movement through shadow, contrast, and extreme light within her work, achieving a balance that is at once exuberant and introspective.

Passionate about the textures and reliefs that give life to her paintings in another dimension, Fontaine explores the femininity and attitude of her characters through shapes, colors, and emotionally strong subjects. “My work is a tribute to the goddess, the warrior, and the queen in every woman,” she explains. Fontaine’s works are collected around the world.

Andjela by Fontaine
Fontaine | Andjela
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