SOLO Exhibitors: Are You Ready to Run the Race? Karen Kohtz' Top Tips for Success

[SOLO] exhibitors: take note! Artexpo New York 2010 Exhibitor Karen Kohtz is a seasoned exhibitor with excellent advice to share. This is her second guest blog for Artexpo. For [...]

Preparing for Your SOLO Exhibit at Artexpo New York 2014

Artexpo New York 2010 Exhibitor Karen Kohtz offers excellent advice for new [SOLO] exhibitors!

The Easiest Way to Promote Your Artexpo Exhibit…

Send us your images and info, and we'll promote your upcoming Artexpo exhibit on our site, in our blog and on Facebook and Twitter.

What to Do Before, During & After an Art Trade Show

Planning on attending Artexpo New York 2010 (or any other art trade show, for that matter)? Below, you'll find some useful tips to help you maximize your exhibition, both before, during and after [...]